Welcome back to Corsetkitten’s Workshop!

Well, they say that the 3rd time’s the charm–so here we go again! I’m once more trying to resurrect my blog from the ashes. I expect it’ll take some time (and I have no intention of re-posting all the old stuff. Probably just a few photos here and there if I can still find them).

I’m hoping to get back into the blogging habit since while I like instagram for the eye-candy I see on it (and so many kittens!) I need a larger format to operate in to be comfortable. Which…leaves me with the blog. So, yeah. I have had a few projects on the go (and stalling periodically) so I’ll endeavor to shoot some photos of those and post them so that I have a little bit of something going on on this blog.

If you’ve stopped by–thanks! I am very glad you did–please be patient! I promise stuff will get posted!


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