Barbie Princess of India Re-Root pt.1

So, I started a re-root of Barbie Princess of India doll. I had gotten her for a bargain on feebay a long while back. The downside was that her hair had begun to perish…and it was not nice. I am very partial to the original goddess face sculpt that mattel used for her so I wasn’t going to ditch her (although that would have been easier).

I began to re-root her with some nylon I bought a while ago from (I haven’t bought any for a while but they used to have good customer service). It was white when I got it but I experimented with dyeing it and so far the results have been good. I am not sure of the longevity of it (the colorfastness or the nylon itself. This is the first time I have worked with nylon and I am not sure what I think yet.

I’ll update as I go. 😉

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