Soooo. This is the avocado green kitchen! As a child of the 70's I can remember a time when Avocado green, Burnt Orange and Yellow really were cool! Seriously, I jest not. I took into consideration the style of the furniture before going with the current color sceme. As much as I wanted to make a modern kitchen out of it I couldn't resist the retro treatment. Also, since the Daniels are not a wealthy family I can see them having a kitchen that isn't retro so much as it's lacking updating! LOL!

A lot of the information on how I built them or what went on as I did is located on my blog.



Here are some before pics
Sindy Kitchen Sink
Sindy Oven & Stove
Barbie Refrigerator


Here are some during & after pics
Sindy Kitchen Sink--top removed to turn it into counterspace
Sindy Kitchen counter/cabinet
Barbie Refrigerator--repainted
Barbie Refrigerator--repainted