Working on this dorm room for Astrid and Karly was one of the longest/most intensive roomsets I've done to date. It is deceptively easy looking...but finding all the right "junk" and clutter for it actually took a lot longer (and more sorting through my collection) than you'd think!

The biggest challenge for me was to make & find items that would accurately reflect the two characters' personalities. I found it was a really good way to learn more about them since you can't just randomly put crap in the room and expect it to work. I'm very glad that I have a fairly good stash of re-ment and various miniatures to draw on for the room. Even so, I still needed to pick up and make some additional bits. I've decided that since I am planning on doing 3 different dorm rooms in the relatively near future that if something's "taken" and used in another room then that's it (aside from the furniture) and I'll have to find something different to use in the next room.

A lot of the information on how I built them or what went on as I did is located on my blog. I'm just giving a kind of brief run-down here (ok I'll probably ramble a bit) but as always if you've got a question feel free to ping me an email ( or comment on my blog.

Some photos (more further down the page)
The view from the closet doorway
Karly's bed & dresser
Astrid's Desk & Karly's dresser

About the furniture

The desks & dressers were made by Mark, as were the window and the 2 doors. He made them according to my requested designs and I was really pleased to get them as a Valentines' Day present! But don't be too jealous! :D As soon as we move & re-locate back to the NE U.S. he'll be offering a range of Windows, Doors, Furniture and stuff like that for sale. So keep your eyes out in 2012! Both the Dressers & Desks have fully functional drawers. The window also opens too.

The beds were made by me and don't really deserve much of a mention--couple of slabs with legs attached & spray painted multi-purpose brown. Those are something that I plan making over when we're settled. I'd like to make a set with attached head & footboards. Nothing fancy, but a little more like I remember from when I was in college.

The Comforters / Bedspreads: were made by me and were a real learn-as-you-go experience. I'm really more pleased with Karly's since it turned out better. Astrid's was a pain and I'd actually had to take it apart 2 different times to get it right (which might not sound like much of an issue until you have to pick out by hand all the "quilting" you applied to follow parts of the fabric pattern around. D'oh!

More eye-candy Photos of Astrid & Karly's dorm room diorama
Astrid on her bed and view of dorm room door
View from in front of Astrid's dresser
Astrid's cluttered Desktop
Detail of Astrid's desktop
Astrid's Dresser and lightswitch viewed from closet doorway
Dirty Laundry and guitar
Astrid on her bed and view of closet door

Small Details (still more photos further down the page!!)

Details:those small bits do help make it "right. I made a small light switch for the room & lock for the main dorm room door (not for the closet since err, why?) Somewhere down the line I'd like to make a removable roof for the roomsets. Then I can add in overhead light fixtures (and posters ON the ceiling!), the toothpaste box on the dresser (I made that), and posters all helped to bring it together. I still think Astrid could use a bit more clutter on her dresser-top but it'll come eventually.

Books & Colored Pencils: Those are my handiwork. If you're interested in getting some please check out my Etsy shop or email me.

Other Great Bits: The guitar is actually a 1/8th scale replica of a Takamine guitar made by F-Toys. But considering that in real life guitars come in a couple of different sizes (1/2, 3/4 and full size) I thought it was ok to use one as a 3/4 size for Astrid (I have a 3/4 size and IMO it's easier to handle). Posters & Decor on Astrid's side: MC Escher print, a LOL Cat print, and a postcard sized image of John Constantine from the Hellblazer comic book. The Egyptian "bookends" statues are from Yujin as is the Bastet cat statue. The backpack, and purses are via Mattel. The Cranberry glass vase (on Karly's dresser) is from Phil Grenyer of Glasscraft and is handblown. The desk lamp is a pink barbie creation that was re-painted and I wired a large clear bead into so that there was an appearance of a lightbulb in it. The orange cell phone is from the Aoshima Girl's Mission Mai figure. I made Karly's jewelry board & the jewelry is either stuff I made or what I received as a gift from Nat at Milkshake Melody.

Yes! Still MORE Photos!
Karly on her bed
View from in front of closet door
Karly's bed, dresser & jewelry board
Karly's desk
Karly's Dresser and some of her mounted posters
Getting something out of the dresser
Another shot of Karly's side of the room