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My plans for current and new photostories are currently on hold due to settling in etc after  making an international move! However, before I left the UK  I started a series of mini-photostories called  The Friday Monologues. (see below)to fill space and time until I can get sets and furniture and props made for the Chronicles. I will update with some more of those as soon as I can!

The  Friday Monologues (mini photostories in a candid interview setting. These are all I can foresee making until after we move). Old photostories can be found at the bottom of this page.

When new ones are up please feel free to comment on the photo stories–you can do that via email (replace the AT w/the @ sign) or by replying to the appropriate post they are listed in (if comment are still open. They close after 30 days).

The new range of photo stories themselves will eventually be located at:

Stand alone Photostories & Collaborations:

Stories from 2009

Stories from 2008

Stories from 2007

Below are links to OLD archived photostories….(I DO mean OLD!)

They’re geekier, and much much less tech-y. You can comment on them here if you want to comment at all 😉 I know they sucked….LOL

But then again, what do you expect for stories made back in 2003–2006??


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