Poppy Parker: Under the Knife….A Body Mod

I posted about my first Poppy the week before last a couple of weeks ago…

I’m pretty new to Poppy Parker dolls.   I’m still getting used to the proportions of their bodies as compared to the other Fashion Royalty dolls. I do like the fact that they are capable of standing upright, unaided. 🙂 That IS a big plus in my book.

What I don’t like about the Poppy Parker body is a pretty short list: (in order of most disliked to just tolerable…)

  • The totally and completely useless bust-joint
  • The ankle joints.

Sorry, but they could have used a ball-joint there and it would have been great and allowed a smoother line of the foot when “arched” to use in non-flat shoes.

  • The lack of a double joint at the elbow

Something that would allow Poppy (and whoever happens to have her body) the ability to hold a phone to her ear, etc.

So is there anything I can do about any of those problems?

Uh huh. Yep.  I think I may have an illness….I seem to be incapable of leaving my dolls alone and un-customized!

I haven’t tried to do anything with the ankle joint, and I know better than to try to put a double jointed elbow in. I’d have to do so much extra work that at this point I don’t think that’s feasible.

But I did do something about that wasted joint, the bust joint!

*cue scary horror movie mad scientist laugh* MWhahahahahahahahahahahha!*

A long while back I saw the photo-tutorial that Emlia did regarding increasing/improving the articulation on the Fashion Royalty Homme body. After giving it some serious thought I hoped that the Poppy Parker body wouldn’t be that different inside and began to take her apart. After all, I figured that since Integrity Toys made both of them they probably weren’t that far removed….

I was and was not quite right about that…..

Interesting to note that Integrity is not (as far as I can tell) using a giant nut to weight the body. But what I did find inside the Poppy Parker body (bodies actually since I did this mod on all of them except India) is that they are filled with varying amounts of hot melt glue.


Not uber cool in my book, but, eh, whatever.

That glue did present something of a problem on some of the bodies because it was in the way (or there was just too much of it) of feeding the elastic through. However, because I am a determined kind of girl I got it done on all of my girls. >:D

And this is what the body can do after the mod — OIN Giselle has been re-bodied onto the new and improved Poppy body. (There are obviously more poses possible and more extreme but, eh, I’m not in the mood to take pics today.)



Now if, on the off chance you want to try this too and you want me to share the photos I tried to take of how I did it (during the process) let me know and I’ll update the post with some more photos–I just need to resize them etc. I didn’t want to bloat the post with a lot of unnecessary pics if no one was interested.


The Wall…I think I mentioned it back in June?? *in progress pics*

You probably surmised from the title of the post that I was working on a wall for the dioramas, right?  Umm. Yea. You might remember that I made a faux brick wall a while back out of my Arch-Nemesis Foamcore:


Suffice to say that between my klutziness, my general dislike of the substance and a constant on-going reorganization of my workroom that the foamcore brick wall was….a casualty.  Masking tape could only repair so much, after all….

Not that it was much of a surprise but I did curse a bit.  Not too much though, since I knew I was going to have to make one out of MDF at some point — this just prodded me to do it a bit faster.

I actually started making the wall back in June for the diorama base. I’d cut the piece of MDF, and marked out the lines for the bricks…..But I kept putting off working on it because of two things: 1) bricks are tedious & 2) my dremel is prone to overheating and doing it during high summer seemed more likely to kill the dremel (which is $$$ to replace).  I did however want to replicate the same kind of brick patterns I used in the foamcore version (more or less) so that factored into the time.

This is how it looks after the day spent applying layers of paint and washes to it: (it’s a crap photo but you get the idea of how it looks, at least…right?)


I was really pushing to get it done today (I spent the last few days finishing the dremeling) but I think it’s too late tonight for me to try to start applying the mortar. Regarding the mortar –need to do a few experiments with it first before I know which way I’m going to go with it. I’m thinking grey like the previous wall, but we’ll see. Maybe tannish grey?  I also want to be able to get a good look at it in the daylight and see if I need to tweak some of the shading and highlights on the bricks.

Ok I hope I’ll update with a finished wall by the weekend!

Hot toys Muscle body TT20 : A review and some comparison photos

Since I’ve been so busy with the new job and all the other stuff thrown my way by the universe I haven’t done a whole lot with the hobby. However, with the new job I finally had some money to splurge on something that I have been wanting: The Hot Toys TT muscle Body TT20.

Let me preface this review right now with WHY I am collecting and using Hot Toys action figures: They  work out pretty well with most of my female dolls and action figures…the only ones that they aren’t working as well with right now are the Fashion Royalty girls…which is why I was willing to splash out on this particular action figure. I’d heard / seen that it would work with some of the Female bodies made by Integrity Toys. Oh yea: and I don’t like the FR guys because they lack enough articulation for me to want them. 😛

For those of you with a little curiosity or any interest I’m doing this review! 😀

First let’s take a look at the packaging:

(not my photo.)


It’s nice. Simple. Easy to get into. I like that. Not much waste and it’s not a struggle to get into. There is   a hot toys stand included.

The body itself:

The build quality is good.

It comes with extra hands which is IMO always a plus. the body has some nice details: some veining on the arms, well defined collarbones etc/ and some light “skin” texture (although that is more random and is less apparent on some parts than others.

The body is HEAVY.  I’m not kidding.

Ok, remember when I found the nut that they’d put in that FR Erin all those years ago? Well this is more  like they put a freakin’ brass knuckle the body! I’m not complaining though. It feels solid and at least if it is –then I feel the price is more justified. It’s much heavier than the standard HT true type body.

Ok, when you pick it up you know where at least part of your money went.

The ROM: maybe not all you’d expect, but still pretty good.




Potential issues & things I have go go “hmmm” about:

1) The size of the body…

It IS a totally pumped guy body, I guess that could make it difficult to fit some heads to it. Right now you see him with a knock off wolverine head. It works but it might take a bit to find a head that you would want to use with it and have sit on it the right way.

2) His chest isn’t solid abs or plastic like I had assumed…. but is a soft layer of vinyl or silicone over the plastic.

It’s not a deal breaker but  it does red flag that if I dress the body in dark colors on the top to be careful to have a barrier on it. OR to only do that for quick photoshoots and then change the top/shirt to something lighter & less prone to stain. the packaging did include a little warning note to say that acetone, thinners etc could damage the “skin layer”.

3)He has black spongy-cuffs on his feet/legs?

For me that is a huge WTF! (sorry  didn’t bother to shoot any good clear photos of that)

Is that supposed to make it easier/ better for fitting boots on the feet or what? I don’t know. I do know that it isn’t working for me and I have a few different ideas on what I can do about it…

1) apply a couple of layers of gesso and paint and try to get it to a near skintone match.

2) make an alternative one out of (??) craft foam maybe ?

3) make a replacement out of milliput and paint it to match.

Right now it’s not a major issue since when I get around to sewing for him and making him jeans and stuff I’ll make them longer. But for those scenes where things are bared…well. I don’t like wasting more time in post production photoshop than I have to!

Comparisons with other Hot Toys True Type bodies:


Hot Toys Slim body/ Hot Toys Regular body / Hot Toys Muscle Body

As you can see there’s quite a range of difference in their heights. I didn’t have a narrow shoulder guy to compare with but I believe those are the same height as the Regular HT TT Body?

And of course you need to see what he (and the others) look like next to Giselle…


Slim guy is looking more like her younger brother there…..


Do-able. Some tall women have shorter partners….


And as you can see….. Side by side Giselle and the muscle body (in this case with Logan’s head on it) works pretty well.


Takara CG Electra gets a makeover: part 1

It’s been a while since I pulled any of my Cy Girls / CGs out to do some work on (or to take photos of). The good news is that I decided that one of them will be cast as one of the actresses in the Wrenwood Hall photostories/ Quinlan Confidential photostories. It’s going to be a kind of strange mix of dolls & figures but at the end of the day it’s what makes me happy, so why not? Right?

I sorted through my remaining CG heads and bodies to decide who I’d use.  I have a fondness for the Ice headsculpt but I wanted to have some variety.  I narrowed it down to a re-rooted AJ, Catwoman 2.0 (with the prussian blue hair), Midori (in need of a re-root), or Electra who I’d gotten off feebay a few years ago.  It was a toss up between Electra & Midori and I chose Electra because I don’t have any other characters currently using that sculpt.

Well this is how she’s looking now.

Since I got her off feebay, used and out of package with only a smattering of her original accessories  she wasn’t in the best of shape and her hair was pretty awful. D’oh! I didn’t remember to take any photos of her before starting the re-root process!

I’ve started re-rooting her with some saran from Restoredoll.

I’m rooting it in long and planning on giving her wavy or even curly hair when I’m done. At least that’s the plan! It might change as I go along.  If I manage to get her rooted & styled to my satisfaction I’ll repaint her this week.

Steampunk Cy Girls – the customizing begins!

Yea I guess it was only a matter of time until I came back to make another custom in the genre. I like it, I think it’s nifty. So why not, right? Anyway, I’m not really swimming in 1:6 action figures to use as bases but I did some digging and these are what I came up with:

Option 1:

The head’s not the best choice but she matches the knock off Takara 3.0 body pretty well.  Not perfect…but does anyone care about that as much as I do anyway?

I can’t tell if this is an original Kat head but I suppose it doesn’t matter to me anyway. I’ve wiped the paint from her face and whoever had her prior to me must have tried repainting her lips since the brownish red “lipstick” has bled into the vinyl. I’ve applied some Twin Pines of Maine to see if it helps any—if not I’ll just have to find a work around I guess.

Option 2:

I’m not as happy with this one since I don’t really have a body that’s a good match to the skintone between the body & head. The plus is that it’s already been repainted. The minus is…of course….that she is missing her chest-plate.  Which is kind of good and bad. I’m beginning to envision some sort of leather covering with tubes & wires and stuff instead. Not sure how much that would appeal to other folks though.  That and I think I might have to re-root her. Don’t know at this point.

Option #3

This is an eve body with the Takara Doronjo head. The head’s been floating around since I bought doronjo a couple years back. She lost her body because funny enough her original body didn’t match her head.   I’m not a fan of the hair but depending on how the custom went it might or might not get a re-root. The skintone isn’t a bad match in person and the head is the best I have and manages (*slightly*) to avoid the stumpy neck syndrome that I think these bodies are prone to.

So here’s a shot of them all together. Kind of makes me feel like they look like Charlie’s Angels  😀  LOL

I’ve also been thinking about the fabrics & dohickeys I have on hand that I can use for the outfit. Right now I’m thinking I’ll probably use some linen, cotton, leather and silk. I guess I should try sketching out some stuff and see what happens. Maybe. LOL.

Fresh Meat: the new action figures on the block (lots of pics!)

First off this has nothing to do with my office-worker-cannibal dream! ;P Really!

One thing, let’s face it–I’m cheap when it comes to buying unfamiliar dolls or action figures.

Yes, I’d heard how the bodies from Hot Toys were totally smokin but …at close to 40 bucks a nude figure…….it took me a while to break down and get them. (The main reason I did is mostly due to the ones I’ve seen cheridoll and how nicely they are in scale with the takara cool girls / Cy girls)

So being me, I couldn’t just roll the dice and take a chance on one. Nope. I figured in for a dollar in for a dime and heh, got 3 to be exact. (I should say though, to be fair that I actually got my hands on them a few months ago..I just hadn’t taken the time to do anything or post about them.)

So our new men for future use are: (shown here in a totally pointless pic)

hot toys sniper MEF and infantry

Navy Seal Mountain Ops Sniper (PCU ver.)

USMC Three Infantry Battalions in Fallujah – M249 SAW GUNNER

and lastly,
USMC II MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE – Special Operation Training Group

First I should comment all three have completely different skin tones (not a bad thing as I like some diversity) and the head sculpts are well done, and I’m actually impressed with the default paint jobs. However, I expect that I’ll be doing some repaints anyway. The Sniper is supposed to resemble Mark Wahlberg, the USMC Infantry guy is supposed to look like Christian Bale, and the USMC MEF is supposed to look like Ashton Kushner.

cy girl ice paloma hot toys sniper

Out of the 3 there’s only one I’m not planning on touching (in as far as re-painting, modding etc and that’s the spiffy Navy Seal Ops Sniper. In my honest opinion he’s got the best face I’ve yet seen on a reasonably priced action figure. I think he has a really cool demeanor and I think that he;s bound to be a thorn in the sides of a lot of the characters. I had been playing with making him a kind of MIB for the city..some kind of underground operative. Not sure about that now, but I’ll see how things go when I try to cobble him into something.

So I thought for a little bit of light humor I’d snap some pics and see how they go. One of the main things I’ve noticed is that while in person the skin tone of the hands match the bodies/heads well in photographs it becomes especially yellow and off-tone. I’m planning on experimenting with repainting them to see if I can get a better result in the future. I also want to fill in the holes that are visible–probably with some gel medium–that way the flexibility shouldn’t be compromised.

hot toys mountain sniper goes civvy

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