B.A.S. *Mini Photostory featuring Merrit & Raven * instead of scheduled sewing!

Yes, that’s right!
I played hooky from sewing and took a detour into printable land! 😀 (and then from there to a small, pretty pointless photostory with the one requisite “pizza-shot”) 😉

The pics show off Merrit’s new shirt, and one of Raven’s new outfits. The set up is minimal (sorry, it’s all I can manage right now. The story was just an excuse to show off the printables I made today)

Today was nice in so far as taking a break from sewing goes. However…I’m not really willing to classify making printables as “fun”. While I generally am happy with my attempts at making printables to use as props in my 1:6 dioramas I don’t find the actual process of making them that much fun. (I know, you’re asking me, but what about those books? Didn’t you spend hours and hours scanning them?)
I should clarify: I would enjoy the process MUCH much more if I had a flat bed scanner that was bigger than a sheet of A4. I never really thought when I left it behind in the states that I would miss my ledger sized scanner. An 11×17 bed would make a lot of this so much easier. Eventually, when I feel more up to it, I’ll take some decent pictures. And make better printables. They would probably have come out better on ink jet paper. Next time. 😉 Meh.

Annnnnyway—-What you’re here for is the photographs, right?
Click the photos below for the link!

*sorry for the few typos & errors in wordage. I’m tired and I wanted to get this done before I went to sleep. those are my only explanations.*

Close up of basket:
Basket of goodies

Finished: Cass, Viv & clothing *pics*

Well this last weekend has been fruitful in two senses….

Figure wise:
I got to sit down and work on Viv and Cass. Viv is the re-rooted Ice head and Cass…well Cass is Takara’s Midori Washio head.

Here’s how they came out.
Vivienne: face shot
Cass version 3:smart-casual Cass version 2: casual

I have been trying to paint Cass for literally months and it has proven to be a very frustrating experience. 😡 😡
When I actually managed to paint her last time …I messed up and she looked rather wall eyed 😐 (you can see that version here). I liked the general feel I had then but I don’t know about her new look….or should I say looks?

I decided that I wanted one that was “frouffed-up” so that she’d look good if it were an evening out kind of scene, and one that was more plain looking — “working” aka being semi-tomboyish. So one has plucked brows and girly girl lipstick color.
I may repaint them again in the future–but for now I need Cass to start re-shooting the new episodes of the Quinlan Chronicles. So…kind of close is better than not at all I think?

Clothing wise:
I managed to pick up some reduced fabric (6 bucks for 4 meters) and a bunch of trim. I was pissed off to find that the place I got my 000 hook & eyes from has stopped carrying them (ah well, it’s a flea market, so I guess I can’t moan too much)
but I did manage to get some metallic trim that I think will work well for some medieval-esque outfits.

Just to prove that I’ve been doing something! *doll nudity*

I have been sewing but not as prolifically as I’d like.
Hopefully I’ll be well enough later this week to take better pics. (I need to take pics of the outfits I’ve made)

But just to show that I’ve been doing something….here’s a picture of Sonia.
Next time I try making it I think I can safely say I’m swearing off using PVC!

1:6 Works in Progress: what’s on the burner?

Well the mini-heatwave we’ve been having means that my original plan for the day (baking cinnamon rolls from scratch to bring to work tomorrow) has been canned. Too freakin’ hot for that!

Instead I’ve done the following:(more pics to follow a bit later)

  • Continued working on the pole dancing (woo sexy shoes!) shoes/boot feet for the cy girls.
  • Re-rooted a cy girl Ice head
  • Boil permed (sort of) Midori’s head so that the hair might not boof out so much from her head. (she got slightly over cooked though)
  • Worked on some more sewing patterns.
  • Have cut out at least 12 shirts (this is stuff meant for trade/sale. need to earn some bus money)
  • ” ” 4 skirts
  • ” ” 5 waist cinchers/underbust corsets. These are from one of my older patterns when was just learning to sew; these might end up in the trash.

Quick pic
ice-re-root no.2

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