Photo challenge week #1

I managed to clear off my table of all the various projects I’m working on so that I could set up to shoot a few quick photos for the challenge. 😀

First a tiny bit of info about this week’s Model. This is a Perfectly Suited Giselle (from the 2015 IT Convention) I got her off of MisterdollFace for cheap sometime last year. She had some issues (like she reeked of smoke) and she came with crumpled broken lashes that I peeled off but that pulled off the eye paint.* The first thing I did was give her a complete wash until I couldn’t detect the cigarette smell anymore. She needs her eyes repaired *I’m ok with that, it’s just been a case of I haven’t worked on her yet.



I like her in general because she has been painted in a way that resembles Old is New Giselle *my first Giselle* She’s been re-rooted (I think that whoever did it used the tension method)and I thinnk the dark hair suits her. After I do the fix on her facial paint I will see about styling her hair (it has a ton of static flyaways).
And another:

Now that I managed to grab out the camera I think that next week’s photos should be easier for me to get done. 🙂



Fresh Meat: the new action figures on the block (lots of pics!)

First off this has nothing to do with my office-worker-cannibal dream! ;P Really!

One thing, let’s face it–I’m cheap when it comes to buying unfamiliar dolls or action figures.

Yes, I’d heard how the bodies from Hot Toys were totally smokin but …at close to 40 bucks a nude figure…….it took me a while to break down and get them. (The main reason I did is mostly due to the ones I’ve seen cheridoll and how nicely they are in scale with the takara cool girls / Cy girls)

So being me, I couldn’t just roll the dice and take a chance on one. Nope. I figured in for a dollar in for a dime and heh, got 3 to be exact. (I should say though, to be fair that I actually got my hands on them a few months ago..I just hadn’t taken the time to do anything or post about them.)

So our new men for future use are: (shown here in a totally pointless pic)

hot toys sniper MEF and infantry

Navy Seal Mountain Ops Sniper (PCU ver.)

USMC Three Infantry Battalions in Fallujah – M249 SAW GUNNER

and lastly,
USMC II MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE – Special Operation Training Group

First I should comment all three have completely different skin tones (not a bad thing as I like some diversity) and the head sculpts are well done, and I’m actually impressed with the default paint jobs. However, I expect that I’ll be doing some repaints anyway. The Sniper is supposed to resemble Mark Wahlberg, the USMC Infantry guy is supposed to look like Christian Bale, and the USMC MEF is supposed to look like Ashton Kushner.

cy girl ice paloma hot toys sniper

Out of the 3 there’s only one I’m not planning on touching (in as far as re-painting, modding etc and that’s the spiffy Navy Seal Ops Sniper. In my honest opinion he’s got the best face I’ve yet seen on a reasonably priced action figure. I think he has a really cool demeanor and I think that he;s bound to be a thorn in the sides of a lot of the characters. I had been playing with making him a kind of MIB for the city..some kind of underground operative. Not sure about that now, but I’ll see how things go when I try to cobble him into something.

So I thought for a little bit of light humor I’d snap some pics and see how they go. One of the main things I’ve noticed is that while in person the skin tone of the hands match the bodies/heads well in photographs it becomes especially yellow and off-tone. I’m planning on experimenting with repainting them to see if I can get a better result in the future. I also want to fill in the holes that are visible–probably with some gel medium–that way the flexibility shouldn’t be compromised.

hot toys mountain sniper goes civvy

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