Max: an update

Ok, so we’re back from the vet’s. The we = Mark & I.  Max is being hospitalized for at least overnight. The vet (Dr.Bamber –always the best–wish we’d seen him last month instead of the other one) did a good going over on Max.

His mouth is fine, the teeth are still great, and no damage or irritation.  (that’s good, but that means the issue’s something else). Still, he’s not eating or drinking and he’s dehydrated.

Max is running a fever & has lost 1.35KG since we took him in last time. We don’t know if that is due to us trying to lower his caloric intake (to keep him from going diabetic) or if that’s a result of his not eating/drinking/etc.

Max’s still got tenderness in the abdomen, and when the doc palpitated and felt his belly & sides he said he could feel something that wasn’t quite right. (Amazing what he could feel and tell us was right though).

So.  Right now, the doc thinks that it is a fairly good possibility that Max has pancreatitis (apparently it fits some of the issues, and Max’s age & sex make it more likely).  Of course if thats the case then it’s a manageable disease and can be treated. Diagnosis…not quite as clear cut.

We’ve hospitalized him and while he’s there he’s having the following done:

  • IV Fluids
  • Ultrasound
  • And more bloodwork done

It ain’t cheap–but then, maybe this is the reason we don’t have kids? I couldn’t possibly afford them and cats and I know which I prefer!

The doctor will be calling us this afternoon with an update, and then we can expect another call this evening at about 10pm from the evening doctor.  I’m relieved we got him there, and more relieved that he’s going to be watched and kept an eye on.  Hopefully we’ll find out exactly what the problem is and then go from there.

Please keep sending Max good vibes! He’s my boy (and c’mon! He’s not even 10 yet!!!!)

Send some good wishes, yea?

We had an unexpected run to the vet this am for Max.

We’ve just plonked down 200£ for blood tests, some antibiotics  and the actual vet visit.

He’s got urine leakage, abdominal pain & he’s eating kitty litter (which is way out of character)  I’m waiting by the phone for the vet to call with the results. Here’s hoping it’s not kidney stuff and is a “simple” UTI (please!) So any well wishes folks wanna send would be really appreciated.


UPDATE: We’re holding steady with Max. The bloods results came back all within normal parameters (except his sugar is high, and we need to watch his weight so he doesn’t become diabetic). The vet suggested that the problem could be cystitis and he’s been put on a course of antibiotics. We’ve got to keep an eye on him and if things aren’t cleared up in 2 weeks we’ll need to arrange for him to get an Ultrasound. So here’s hoping that these antibiotics help

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