Falling in love again…Rare Find Isha gets a second chance!

For those of you who’ve followed my blog for a long while you’ll recognize my Isha.  She was a prize that I won in 2007 from the Doll Diva’s board when they held a raffle.

I got around to repainting and re-rooting the front of her head in 2009.

Not the best repaint I’d ever done but somehow it still seems “right” for her so she never ended up with a second repaint.

She did however end up with a swapped body… She started out on the 2nd or 3rd generation Fashion Royalty body and it was floppy and annoying as all hell. Could barely hold a pose long enough for me to shoot it with the camera! I hated taking photos of her because of it–so it was important for me to find her a body donor. Finding another body to match her was difficult (especially since she wasn’t even a great match with her original body). My good friend Will gave me a hot toys hispanic female body for her to use.

The plus side was it was definitely more articulated than her original but it was hard to find clothes to fit in a way  I liked and at that time I didn’t much feel like sewing for her…so she got relegated to a box and that was it. Every time I went to re-dress my dolls my eyes would stick on her and I’d feel guilty that such a pretty doll wasn’t getting fair treatment and being photographed and really cast with a good role in the Quinlan Chronicles.

What to do? What could I do?

Funnily enough, I was going through my collection this morning with an eye to plan some repaints and sell off some dolls I don’t play with—when I realized that Isha’s body was a really good match for Moonlight and Kisses Darla Daley’s! Oh I am happy about that! 🙂 and then I figured that I might as well do body mods on he since  want to use her a lot in the future and being able to pop her head off for dressing and jewelry application is a good thing! And an expanded range of motion at the chest join is super helpful too in posing.

You know….I just couldn’t leave her eyes (or eyebrows) alone. I felt this compulsion to repaint them…I don’t think she came out too badly considering how very long it’s been since I did any repainting.

So here she is now:


and two more pics just because! 🙂



Next I need to find a new name that suits her….


Isha’s morning face revealed! (Or, what are the options?)

Since C asked in the previous post, I managed to snap a few quick shots of what Isha currently looks like (bodiless, paint-less, and semi bald).  As usual click on the image for a bigger version.

isha-side-bald isha-front-bald

In the process of taking the photos they’ve revealed that her original paintjob has left staining in her vinyl.  xD


That is a bummer, although without the flash on her it is difficult to see the stains. It sucks for me because I like to paint eyebrows on my own, and often, I find that the eyebrows declare the character/personality of the doll.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do about this….


  • try to paint her eyebrows over the old ones. (cop-out & unacceptable to me)
  • give her eyeshadow à la the 80’s (you remember the big eyeshadow days, right?) Make the eyeshadow cover any original eyebrow.
  • paint her eyebrows in my usual method and hope to skintone match where the originals show.  Or Paint the eyebrows where I want and try to shade the areas where the originals are.
  • Or…as a last resort: sculpt in a few ridges and give her some sort of Klingon name. That’d work well with the bald spot, and the brows wouldn’t be an issue once they got a couple of layers of flocking 😆  :

ch'rega kehleyr Lursa and B'Etor

(The above are examples of Klingons from the Star Trek franchise)

I’d lean toward the Klingon Solution except that:
  • I don’t have a single ST character/doll/action figure. She’d be lonely.
  • Isha’s FR body is way too spindly to be beefy enough to be a Klingon chick.
  • I doubt that Isha as a Klingon would blend in very well to the City of Quinlan where…eventually…she’ll be a businesswoman. *sigh* It seemed like a good idea!

As you can see, from the get-go Isha is proving to be problematic.

Perhaps that’s a good thing though.  She’ll keep me busy at a time (now) when I am having a  difficult time concentrating or working on anything.

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