Give me a few more weeks to get my crap together, ok?

I’m on my 6th or 7th round of med tweaking with my new med person, my left wrist is healing up from a bad fall (3 hairline fractures), and I’m doing my best to hold on in here. I think my meds are moving in the right direction because I’m not feeling half as bad as I used to, I’m not skipping around and looking at the world going la la la….but I can feel an improvement and so can my therapist. But I’m still fatigued a lot *think, work shift, eat, go to sleep by 7 or8pm* of course I am still waking up multiple times per night (as per usual) but I think the earlier sleeping is probably just due to mental fatigue. I am overwhelmed.
I promise I’ll get back to listing things on etsy, talking about dolls and photostories.

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