NaNoWriMo…almost there…..

Ok, so everything here has been quiet because I was going full-bore for doing nano this year. In one way it’s been really great, getting the writing done (as of today, with 3 days left to the deadline) I have written 47,643 words….so close!

I’m aiming to hit those last remaining words (2,357) today and tomorrow and say Rah! At the end of it.

I really want to spend some time in the 1/6 hobby…..(and I’m pretty sure some of my friends in the hobby think I’m a) dead, b) a flake, c)MIA…. *sigh*  I didn’t realize when I started NaNo this year that it would mean in essence that I was going cold-turkey on my other hobbies and interests!  😯

I figured I’d be able to do both but to be fair trying to make sure I have been cranking out enough words each day has been a real challenge. If I picked up a doll I felt like I was “slacking” and needed to get back to it!
Wish me luck and I’ll be updating the blog soon with the photos I took from the Poppy parker body mod. 😉

It’s the Second week of NaNoWriMo….

Ok folks. It’s the second week! I’m that much closer to being finished and being able to spend some time on 1/6 goodies! 😉

In so far as the writing goes, I’ve written 20871 words.
That’s 5K short of 25,000 the halfway point of the NaNo challenge.

I had a bit of trouble earlier this week with my plotting and characters but I think I’ve found a fix for it and I’m moving forward with that.

Ok. Just wanted to share that! 😉

NDR: NaNoWriMo is coming….and a Kitty too?

Ok, totally not doll related but NaNoWriMo is starting on November 1st!! This is a good thing and a bad thing–since I am committing fully to doing it this year and even have a writing partner (yay Syd!) to bounce things off of and to also cheer on in her novel writing efforts 😀

What does me doing NaNoWriMo mean for my 1:6 stuff?
Not that much, really. I should still be able to work on the projects I have on the horizon and still meet my 2K a day word commitment.

Also, I mentioned this on Figurvore, but I am going to be going to meet a new kitten today, named –appropriately (or not)- Max.


If the meeting goes well he’ll be coming home with me this afternoon to join in the fun that goes on here!
No, really, there IS fun to be had! And no…it doesn’t include chewing the hands off my dolls! 😛

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