Piper’s Larping Dress *pics*

Hey everyone!  I’m feeling kind of bad that I don’t have much to share on the blog these days (I know, I can’t be expected to be cranking out stuff since we’re still looking for a home—but still!) so I thought I’d share something I did in the last month before I left the UK.

You might remember that I mentioned doing some Larp costumes for the students (and some adult costumes for the Wrenwood Hall stuff).   So here’s a dress that I threw together in an afternoon…originally it was going to be for raven but her boobs were too much for it so someone with a more modest chestline got to claim it! Piper!

*please excuse the photos: I’m way out of practice shooting pics and editing them without the usual software*

and a full length shot:

It’s not the best of dresses but I think it probably reflects that Piper’s not much of a seamstress! It makes her look extremely “hip-py” and maybe a bit dumpy…but it’s what she’s got for now.

As far as sewing went it was the best experience I had with sewing stretch / panne velvet. The embroidery around the neckline was hand done (and I hated doing it because the trim I was using kept unravelling every stitch I did).

Anyway, just thought I’d share! 😉


Gearing up for “The most wonderful time of the year” *uh huh?*

Obviously you folks will have noticed that there’s been abit of quiet on the blog again. that’s because I’m busting my hump to get some 1:6 x-mas (or winter solstice) presents ready to go out in the mail for this weekend (or Monday at the latest).  So with all the hard graft (that’s a phrase I’ve picked up living here) I’m making progress on other things as well. No, I’m not talking about the mazes of bureaucratic incompetents who are dealing with our bank accounts (oh, HSBC UK you totally suck!)

So, I’m sewing away–doing my best to make a few goodies for those special people (you guys know who you are!) and get other things done as well. I’d love to share photos on here of what I’ve made (because some of it’s turned out really well) but if I do they’ll see their presents and …well..that just wouldn’t be good right? So hopefully come xmas time they’ll post on their blogs & flickr accounts the goodies I’m making now! 🙂 *I hope anyway*

While I’m at it I figured I’d post a pic of how things are starting to come together with the insanity quilt. It’s just a quick shot (I threw them on top of a tile) so you can see where I’m going with them so far.

Would you believe that there are 231 hexagons in that shot?

I know they’re not much to look at at the moment but I’m making some progress. I am glad that I only decided to do a dorm size (twin) quilt with them though and not the original 1:6 queen size I’d planned.

I’m also working on getting those photos done for new etsy listings. I’ve just about sorted out the light bulb situation here (oh don’t even ask) so that’ll be back on track soon. The broken printer–not-so-much-so but I’m still trying to source a replacement that we can afford at the moment. We’ll see what happens.

Ok back to the worktable! See you all later!

Experimental Patchwork in 1:6 *so very bright!*

I started this quilt in the middle of the great internet blackout of 2011 😛 mostly as a way to try to keep sane and not constantly be thinking bout talking to my friends online. I’ll say here and now that the photos for this post suck. I switched over all our bulbs to the energy efficient ones and I haven’t been able to get them quite right yet. Even with the custom wb & post processing.  🙁

It is pretty bright. Nothing wrong with vibrant colors — but wow, huh?

The patches all started out as individual squares. And no, before you start thinking I’m an absolute masochist–there was a reason for this: I had already had a number of them cut (to the wrong size for my Insanity quilt) and this seemed like the perfect way to use them and not end up wasting the fabric. I didn’t know if it was going to work but I gave it a try and I’m pretty pleased with  the overall look. Next time I’ll try to do it as a Nine Patch rather than just random placements.

This quilt marks a lot of firsts for me.

  • It was the first patchwork I completed. The other one I’d started got tossed in the bin as a needless exercise in frustration),
  • The first time I made my own bias binding (not as hard as I thought it was)
  • The first whole doll blanket that I bothered to quilt by hand. Although I have to admit that it was a pain, and it is part of the reason why Nerissa’s Quilt is only lightly quilted.
  • I used a combination of tying & hand stitching to quilt the quilt.

So I sewed all the patches together, quilted it, washed it and now comes the really hard part–deciding which character gets it!  After sticking them on it I came to 3 conclusions. Shayna could have it (but since I’m working on the insanity quilt for her it doesn’t seem right she should have two. Does it??Nope.) So….either  Mallory or Parker will get it.

Maybe you folks can help me decide? Who do you think owns this quilt? I’ve snapped a few pics of each with the patchwork quilt so you can help me decide! 😀 There’s a poll at the end of this post–please vote! 😀


Sooo..what do you think??

Nerissa’s 1:6 Quilt

Do you remember Nerissa at all? She’s one of the heads I painted back in August. She’s surprised me by becoming one of my favorite dolls. So when it came time to think about what kind of blanket she’d get for her dorm room I wanted to give her something that was a little bit special and somehow reflected a bit of her personality too.
This is what I came out with.

Yes, it IS considered a quilt (albeit not a patchwork).  It’s a wholecloth quilt which means that the top consists of one whole piece of fabric. I did hand quilt it with some nice variegated thread in pinks.

She got a fitted sheet, a pillow & a pillowcase. (needs a flat sheet still)

There you have it. 🙂 I’m gonna ask you all to forgive my pics. I’m still working out the new set up here and the lighting.

Clothes, clothes, clothes! Who gets what?

What with all the sewing of the last few weeks I realized that I need to assign pieces of clothing to specific characters.

That’s not reaaaaaaally a problem for the volks/obitsu dolls since they can wear the mattel/ barbie clothing with no trouble.  But the trouble makers are of course– my fashion royalty dolls.  Yes, those lovely, fashionable dolls! Although  the fashion royalty girls can wear a lot of the barbie stuff (and their default clothing) but in general I always find myself struggling when it comes to finding them  pants/ slacks since they can’t wear many of the babs bottoms due to their incredibly loooooong legs.  So I made them a few skirts, pants and now I need to start the great clothing assignment of 2011!

The tough thing for me about doing this sort-out is…. who should get what pieces? Which outfits look better on…. well you get the idea, right?

So what I’m hoping to do later this week (probably this weekend) is to start shooting some photos of  the clothing on some of the dolls—basically asking you to be the tie-breaker and help me decide who gets the clothing! 😀

Are you guys up for that?

Just to prove I’m doing something! *photos*

Yes, I’m still alive! The stress of our situation is really getting to me.  It’s a complicated situation (ugh) which I can do nothing about (which makes it worse for me). Buuuuuuuuuut I have been sewing.  And I snapped some pics this morning to show you what I’ve done in the last 2 weeks.

Sorry that they aren’t pretty pics — I’ll try to shoot some of the clothes on the dolls soon!  You can probably tell these are primarily meant for the students since it’s all casual wear.

Ok I fibbed! There’s one pair of slacks for Shay (and a camisole top for her too). I wanted to make more jeans but I didn’t have any more fabric — so maybe some other time? There is a definite shortage of jeans…

Yes, duplicate skirts. I’m thinking that some of the girls might do the occasional dress-alike thing.

Dresses… The blue ones were test-pieces. I’d never tried making a pseudo-babydoll type dress before. Not overly thrilled with them except for the black one. (the orange-y sheath goes under that).

And of course I managed to leave out a few items, but all in all (not including the things I made for Etsy) I made 90+ pieces of _usable_ clothing! That’s quite an addition to my characters’ wardrobes and I’m pleased—-although I do feel like it all looks sort of the same.



I’m not MIA …really!

Ok, I know, you’re all thinking “Well, there haven’t been any posts lately. What’s going on over there? Is she doing ANYTHING?”

The last 2 weeks have been big, long exercises in stress & anxiety and I decided that the best way to deal with that was to do some sewing.  For myself.

I don’t usually bother to sew anything for my dolls–the majority of stuff I make tend to go on to other people’s dolls.  I get the rejects & QC fails–But the great thing about sewing (sometimes) is that it requires me to focus & concentrate.  Which makes it harder for me to be all stressed about what’s been going on.

So, this weekend I’m going to sew on the hooks, eyes & snaps, and then I’ll photograph the stuff I’ve made. Which will be kind of cool since I plan on doing a few “Who wears it Better” shots since I can’t decide who really looks better in some of the pieces.

And of course, Happy Birthday Bob. I still love  you and miss you.


1:6 Projects Challenge: wk 1 Beds * photos*

The beds! The beeeeeeeeeeeds!

Making the beds was (for me) the more difficult of the two projects from the challenge.  (I should stop and say here, that my simple plan was critiqued and overseen by Mark.  Mostly because this was the only way I was allowed in the shed and to use his power-tools–the things you gotta do, you know?)  🙂 When we move though–I will have tools! 😛

I don’t know if I’d mentioned it in the previous post, but I only had 2 real requirements for my beds:

1) that they be flat-packable. I didn’t want to go through the bother and hassle of making them (and bedding for them) only to have to ditch them when we finally move.

2)That they be slightly shorter & narrower than the original (make shift) dorm beds so I have a few mm extra space to jiggle things around for room set-ups.

I tend to be pretty flexible insofar as what I want my finished pieces to look like. This is because I have a habit of wanting to change it as I go along, to make it more …better. This, however did not go down well with Mark, who again was vetting everything I was doing.  Ever take a shop class with that teacher who would stare at you when you said something incredibly retarded?

Yep. Mark is that teacher and I’m that student (when it comes to drawn plans).  We had a disagreement about why I had to draw scale drawings (I knew the sizes of the pieces of wood, I knew where the wood went & how it connected—-so why bother with plans?)

The answer to that is that you can use it to make sure everything is “right”.  Ok, maybe if I were planning on making a crap load of beds I’d bother.  Otherwise—nah.  Stuff for me  (it’s totally different if I’m making it for someone else though) just isn’t that finicky.  I kept my sheet of paper with the rough drawing I’d done and the min & max dimensions I wanted the bed to be, along with what pieces I needed to cut etc.

Anyway, in the process I did learn some stuff I hadn’t known.

Like: if you are trying to drill into pine (or spruce) and you have the sap rings/banding (See Pic)  then you will have to force the drill to go through it otherwise the sap bands cause the drill to veer off to either side.

I actually got all the wood sourced, cut and ready to go in one day.  As you can see Bree had to help with the wood cutting! 😉

As you can see it takes quite a bit more wood than is apparent at first glance.

Here’s one tip–if you’re going to cut a bunch of pieces that need to be the same size (on the band saw) tape them together (provided they’re small/thin enough). It helps to make certain they all end up the same.

The next day I started gluing & drilling. I had to clamp the side rails.

Glue always ends up stuck on my clothes and stuff and this time was no different.

Merrit & Verity helping with the headboards:

This is the place where I should say that when I finally move home (and want to make a new set of beds (and bunk beds, where you’ll see the underside) I’ll buy some good wire & make the faux springs & metal bottoms like the should have had. Buuuuut—they work (and will work if I choose to re-make the bottoms at a later date!) Or hell, they do work as bunk beds as long as I don’t focus on the undersides of them. LOL

Anyway  I don’t want to bore you all with the way I put it together.  Suffice that I did (at that point I just couldn’t be bothered to take any more pics. It was just easier to do than to document!), and then I had to stain it.   I wanted them to match the existing dorm furniture which is stained a dark color. It’s boring (you have to do a coat, let it dry, do another, let it dry etc…repeat. repeat.) I used some water-based varnish from B&Q. Only problem I had was that I would keep forgetting how many layers I’d already applied….oh well. Live and learn.

While the various coats of stain were drying I had to work on the mattresses. After all, I can’t use the old ones (wrong sizes) and I wanted to do them better anyway.  Besides, I don’t remember any dorm bed having super cushy & thick mattresses!

Karly & Eff are showing off the new beds. One is partly stained and the other needed to get stained.

You can see my attempts at mattresses. I wanted them to look a bit more like the industrial /old ones we had when I was at Caz, but I didn’t quite succeed. Part of this was because I only had a little bit of the fabric to make them out of and I tried to scrape by to get it to work. (thus one is actually a bit smaller than the other, and wouldn’t you know that they both shrank in size after I “quilted” them? D’oh!

And one of the other projects I started was trying to get the bedding done (the blankets, sheets & pillows for Nik & Merrit’s room.  So far all I’ve gotten done was Merrit’s comforter. He get’s plaid.  I still need to wash it to get it that crinkled/used look.  I did give it a few rows of wavy “quilting” like you sometimes see on older comforters/sleeping bags.  I took this pic to see how well that size blanket would work if in the future I want to use them as bunk beds:

Anyway, that’s last week’s projects done & dusted.

I’d like to say I’m going to take on 2 more projects but the situation with the house (trying to sell it), trying to research some options for us (just suffice to say some plans fell through) & some of the other joys of life means that nothing is stable enough for me to plan “hobby” time.  Heck — at this point I’m just fighting migraines and trying not to let acid gnaw a hole in my stomach. Ugh

Wish us good luck with the house stuff and I’ll try to keep updating the blog with something  doll or hobby related (since I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear about the house! LOL)


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