Spring Song Poppy gets a Make Over

I worked on her last week and over the weekend and while she’s come out ok I’m not particularly satisfied with how she came out. I feel she shows how rusty my repainting skills have become, but with that in mind I am just going to have to do more of them to get back into practice.

So. This is what she looked like before I started:
Not really inspiring by way of Poppy…But I picked her head up relatively cheaply last year and added her to my pile of “someday” projects.
Fast forward and this is how she looks now:
3 (2)

1 (2)

2 (2)

After I repainted her I decided that maybe she would be more appealing on the NuFace 2.0 body–so I popped her head on it and ta-da! It fits and it seems to fit her personality.

I was going to try to trade her or sell her but now I am not so sure because I am liking the vibe she’s giving off. But then, if someone offered me one of the other dolls I want I would trade her off in a heartbeat!

Ok that’s it for today’s post!




Q&A: can you hybridize a Poppy and an FR2?

I got this question a few months ago from Taylor. My spammerator stuffed it in pending so it has taken a long time for me to see it. Sorry, Taylor!

his/her question was: “but I am asking is it possible for me to take the new bust upper part of the FR2 doll body and attach it to the body of Poppy parker? and would she be taller, than a normal poppy or shorter? like when u placed the 2 nun face body and poppy together. I want a poppy with a bigger bust and her flat feet but not shorter than normal, would it work?

My answer is: I don’t know! But what the heck I can give it a try and see!

I tried it last night and I’m sad to report that it isn’t do-able. The larger torso size of the fr2 leaves too large of a gap at the upper joint. It was a nice idea (and I was really hoping it _would_ work, but no dice!

Another FYI for folks who want their Poppy Parker dolls to have high heeled feet rather than the jointed feet–Poppy’s dimensions are the same as a monogram body. So that’s one fix for you folks. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Tutorial: Tweaking Poppy Parker’s body for better articulation & posing

Here it is–the long ago mentioned Tutorial on how to modify Integrity Toys Poppy Parker body!




I didn’t really bother with any nude pics but here is a pic with Giselle showing her improved side movement (it can go further or even way further but then it looks kind of weird like the FR2 waist joint)



Please note: I am the sort who takes risks with my dolls and customizations. This modification is done at your own risk and I am only sharing my results and methods. I got the idea to do this modification based on the information on Flickr posted by Marikah (no longer an active account). Her modification was done on Fashion Royalty Hommes and you can find an example on flickr under Emilia’s albums: https://www.flickr.com/photos/emiliacouture/sets/72157623459359238/

What you need:

  • Patience. This takes some time and can be really finicky.
  • A Poppy Parker body. I highly recommend doing this on a test doll first (one that you don’t like so much, or a spare body) so you get the hang of it.
  • Half a yard of thin elastic (about 3mm in size and white in color) this is the flat kind–not the round kind. You can usually pick this up from JoAnn Fabrics or AC Moore in the sewing section.http://www.joann.com/dritz-braided-elastic-1-8in/prd2906.html in the UK you can probably pick it up at HobbyCraft.
  • 1 pair of scissors (for cutting the elastic)
  • 1 Pair of round nose or needle nose pliers
  • 1 pair wire cutters
  • A bit of wireย  (I was using some scrap wire from out of a larger piece I’d gotten from Lowes) but anything that is 16 to 20 gauge ought to do the trick. You want a piece of wire that is flexible enough to finagle around curves but hard enough to keep hold of your elastic.

Get your wire cutters ready!

Carefully bend the torso back and forth at the bust joint. I emphasize carefully since if you do it too hard/ fast you can cause stress-discoloration on the abs plastic there. ๐Ÿ™

Do this until you can see the opening/ joint area. The black arrow shows where you should be looking to see if the gap is wide enough yet. (You’ll be sticking your wire cutters in there to clip the joint a few steps down from now).


While you’re doing that, this is what you want to see:


See that post that the black arrow is pointing at in the photo above? That’s what we want to get the wire cutters in there to cut (in half) which will allow us to separate the bust from the body’s main torso.

Looking at the photo below the Orange arrow is the post that was cut with the wire cutters. Make 100% certain you are not cutting the other posts (the ones with the screws in them). Those black arrows are pointing to the pieces you will be threading the elastic through.


So take a look at the photo below.ย  Aren’t all those arrows kind of overwhelming? LOL

I wanted to point out a few things here

1) Do you see that kind of snot colored stuff? As far as I could tell it has the consistency of hot-melt glue. I’m not at all sure why it’s in there (but I did find it on the inside of all 5 poppy parkers that I have done this mod to so far. The amount of it seemed to be random-alot in some of the bodies and very little in others. I don’t know if this was ITs solution to adding weight to the bodies w/o the giant nut inside or what. Because of the goop I ended up using the wire (in the supplies list above) to thread the elastic through. Depending on how much goop (if any) is in your body you might not need it.

2) Looking at the arrows again you see that the black and orange are pretty much in the same place on each half of the torso (top and bottom *see photo above for top*). These are the spots you are going to be feeding that 3mm elastic through. Don’t cry! It’s going to be ok–really! ๐Ÿ˜‰


ย At this point get your wire, elastic, wire cutters (or other pliers) ready!


Make a tight loop (small as possible) at one end of the wire. This is going to be your snake (assuming your doll’s torso is full of this goo. If not, you can probably skip this part…But I do find it helpful for threading the elastic through all the parts.

Now, tie one end of the elastic through the loop. Tie it tightly so that it doesn’t come undone while you’re doing your threading. Don’t make the knot(s) too big since they need to fit through all the gaps and bars. Small is best in this instance.


At this point I’d like to suggest that you also look at the photos from Emilia’s flickr. I did shoot pics of me trying to thread the elastic in but I am not sure if they are understandable. So check them out below:


See that goopy stuff?

If you find that you can’t get your piece of wire through it (there ought to be large enough gaps in it that you can, but I had it happen on 2 bodies that I couldn’t) get a heating pad or a hairdryer and set them on low — and that will help soften it up enough for you to wiggle your wire through the pieces.

This is the way I began stringing this body.ย  You can pretty much do it however you want. The main thing is to get it through the bars/ sections to evenly distribute the force and strain placed on the elastic. This is when I was just starting to get the elastic situated and began stringing.


Looking at the photo below you can see where the goopy stuff was–in this particular body it wasn’t a real issue and I didn’t have to warm the torso up to be able to get the wire through it (I use the wire, but you could possibly use hemostats too).



I found it easiest for me if I strung it from the top (bust) down into the torso then back up to the bust and to the torso.

It should resemble the photo below:


After you do that you need to determine how much you need to tighten up the elastic.

(tip:make sure you keep your wire attached to one end!! This will help to avoid it coming un-strung until you’ve knotted it off!)

Once you’ve determined this (you don’t want the elastic to be stretched out! You want just enough tension to hold the two parts together but not so little that the torso is floppy) tie the elastic, and knot it. I suggest double knotting it. You can cut off the excess at this point, and leave yourself a little (about 1.5 in) extra in case you want to adjust this at a later date.

The Elastic and knotting should all fit within the torso with no problem.

Hope this is helpful to someone out there (besides me!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Top 10 Toys of 2014: #1 *the best of the best*

At last!
Here we are finally at #1 out of the top 10!
Bet you thought I’d leave it until 2016 before I actually posted it, huh? ๐Ÿ˜›

Description of Toy/Toyline: Dual purpose 1/6 scale Drafting Table & drafting Chairs by Mark of CKWorkshop

This table and chair set was custom made for me by Mark (that guy who is so talented it makes me green with envy!) I love him but oh, man oh man does he make me feel totally outclassed when it comes to making things! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I gave him a brief a few months back telling him that I wanted a drafting table to use in the actresses’ apartment since Taylor (who is one of the roommates is the costume designer/wardrobe person for the Wrenwood Hall production) would be doing some work at home etc… Add to that I wanted something that I could see in their apartment no matter how I end up designing or decorating it since they are all girls on a budget I figured if I could have a drafting table that could also double as a (pub height) dining table, then why not???


Although you can’t really tell (these are quick photos, I didn’t do a proper photoshoot for this post, sorry!) the drafting table can be adjusted to 4 different slope heights. I love it, it makes me remember my days of working at one as a freelance artist. ๐Ÿ™‚


Why did it make your list?
Because it does exactly what I wanted and then some!
I was pretty fussy about stating what I wanted–hey,don’t look at me like that–it was for xmas, you know! Annnnnnd I wanted to be able to use it with both my FR2 dolls and the Poppy Parker bodied dolls (because if you make it for poppies only things end up being too short or small for the FR2s and if you make them for the FR2s they look too big for the Poppies). Add into that equation the fact that I adore furniture (in real life and in 1/6) that can fulfill multiple uses.



The chairs are little works of art (and made up of over 70 pieces to make each one) with weathering and small details that really do make the difference. The seats and back rests are covered with upcycled vintage leather and are soft (not that my dolls will know but it just looks good!).


Downside to it: There isn’t one–although if I could convince Mark to make me 2 more stools to go with it I’d totally do that. I guess if I had to say there was a downside–I’d say it was the fact that it forced me to start making more of the various detritus & props that Taylor would have on it . I managed to make a few fabric sheets and sketches as well as that tatty looking portfolio case, but there needs to be more along with some wall stuff…


Overall: I’m very pleased with it (obviously, since it’s #1 on the list, right?!) and I hope that I can talk Mark into making some variations of the stools to sell on Etsy. I’m not sure that there’s much of a call for 1/6 drafting tables (various colors or designs) since I haven’t really heard or read anyone looking for them…

Poppy Parker: Irresistible in India? Irresistible? Really?

A while ago I caved and bought a Poppy Parker, Irresistible in India doll. You may (or may not) recall that I bought her with the intention of swiping her body and re-selling her head–so that Kendall (aka Perk Colette) could have a poppy body that was close to matching her skintone and allow me a wider range of options for male cast members in the Wrenwood Hall / Actresses storylines.

To refresh your memory: this is India


Of course, after I’d bought her, I found a sweet confection poppy body for super cheap and I bought that and popped Kendall’s head on it.

Which left me with India.

I hemmed and hawed and left her in her shipper, in her box for a few months. Then I finally broke down and de-boxed her. It’s usually a pretty sure thing that once I de-box (if I went and actually bought a BNIB doll/figure instead of getting it nude on the secondary market) that I’m going to keep her.

But she’s been out of the box for a while and I have been re-dressing her in an attempt to get a feel for what kind of character she might be (meaning more than just knowing she’s another one of the actresses on the show).


Her current face isn’t really inspiring me much… Yes, she is very pretty–but there is something missing IMO.


I’m still debating giving her painting some tweaks. Maybe change her lip color, her eye color and see how she looks from there? I haven’t modded her at all at this point but if she stays in my collection she will be.

Confession: the madness that is Pre-Ordering (dolls, that is)

This year was my first foray into the W Club. I figured it would be a good experience and allow me a sneak peak at what new lines, dolls, and characters that Integrity is putting out this year. I thought at most I’d get one. Maybe two dolls.

To be fair, the forums are good, the people are pretty friendly, and I have gotten a lot of information that I’d never have gotten otherwise. So there was a reveal earlier this month.It wasn’t for the long awaited re-vamp of the Nu Face line (which I hope beyond hope that they haven’t screwed with Giselle’s face mold since I’d really like to pick a few of her up for customizing/ making into alternative versions of Giselle Weston, Actress and inhabitant of Quinlan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The W Club makes it all about “secret” and “confidentiality” and all that jazz.ย  IMO they hype it up a lot.ย  Which, I’m not sure if people are paying for that exclusivity and feeling of being special or being in the first to know–or what. I can only discuss my personal motivations for being part of the Club.

I joined because I really was just hoping that they’d release an Agnes since I haven’t ever been able to afford one on the secondary market (she never seems to sell for under $200, and forget if you want her with some clothing, just forget it! Both of those things make her beyond the scope of my budget. Especially since I’m bound to eventually tweak and /or repaint her. Too much $$ for that…). Annnnnd there is supposed to be a release of the Nu Face line –and I wanted in on that before they went for scalpers’ prices on the dollpage and on feebay. So I guess I want that “first to know” info, don’t I? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I broke down and bought more dolls than I’d planned on.ย  A lot.

I know, I know. I Knooooooooooow
I said I’d just buy an Agnes if they had one–and maybe a poppy if there was one that appealed to me… Now before I go and start showing you photos of the dolls I pre-ordered, remember, this is my first go-round with the process…It wasn’t quite as straight forward as you might think it would be…

So, how does it work? How do I get the dolls I want? (provided there are some I want, right?)
I was asking that just about the time that they (IT’s W club) sent out an email stating when the webinar reveal was going to be.

The basic answer I got was: “You have to call or emailย  when you see the doll you want (during the reveal/webinar). Thenย  you hope that one of dealers carrying the line will take your order! Some will. Some won’t. Somne make you wait until after the webinar, some don’t. But order FAST because everyone else will be ordering then too!”

Didn’t sound like much fun to me.
Sounded stressful.
Sounded chancy.

Hmm…and I signed on for this? It wasn’t what I was expecting. I’d kind of thought that since it wasย  a club, that it would be all neat and orderly–and that there’d be (basically) a doll for everyone who wanted to order one.

>Head Smack< What was I thinking?!!

Well, like any good survivor I rolled with it. Rather than waiting til the day of the reveal (I’d arranged with my job to work the evening shift so I could take part) I decided to do my homework and check out the various doll stores/ IT dealers and see what kind of feedback and what their shipping & payment policies were.

I was quite surprised to see how much it varied across the board.ย Some wanted 25% down, some wanted 50%, or 75% and some wanted payment in full before they’d take the pre-order. Some of them were reasonable, some of them weren’t (IMO) and some of them were real jerks when I called. Those ones immediately went into the discard bin. I’m not going to pay someone money to be mean to me (I may be a masochist, but I never pay LOL) ๐Ÿ˜‰
So I found two dealers who seemed pretty nice, capable of communicating, and willing to take my order (on the day of the webinar/reveal). Then all I had to do was wait for the actual webinar.

Well, the day came around, and voila! 11:30 I logged into the secret-magic-link that the IT people had emailed me so I could join the “fun”. I figured since it began at noon it was better to log in early and make sure I got all the tech/set up stuff out of the way. It was remarkably trouble free and when things started up it went pretty well. I wasn’t too thrilled at how the woman presenter was gushing over everything. Sorry, but no. Gushing will not make me want to buy something I think is naff.ย  Be real, would you?ย  I liked hearing the designers talk but the real show for me was (of course) the dolls.

They started with the Poppy Parker reveals. I didn’t really expect to want much. The whole spy-girl thing is ok, but I dislike Poppy because of her time period. It doesn’t appeal to me too much. (Now, take poppy, dress her in modern clothes and I think she’s much improved, and likeable.)
(photos below are all property of Integrity Toys)
They showed Lotta Danger Poppy Parker:
Poppy Parker Lotta Danger
She’s pretty, right? Nice coloring combination going on there.
Yea. I wanted to order her–but I didn’t order her right away–(while they were revealing the other poppy parker dolls) because I wasn’t 100% sure about her. To someone who didn’t collect action figures (male and female) the whole spy thing might have been cool. But come on. I know what the articulation on it is like. Poppy’s body isn’t one I’d use for a character that has to have lots of dynamic poses. Uh uh.
But still, she’s pretty looking.
I waited and thought about ordering her. I was pretty sure she’d be popular with that coloring combo.

Wondering what the other poppy dolls were going to be like–they showed another poppy who looked like it was influenced by some old Cleopatra movie crossed with the 60’s clothing styles. The paint application and coloring wasn’t as striking and I passed.
But then….
Somewhere down the line….they showed the “poppy friends”. (Sounds lame, right?)

Meet Tina Tanaka:

Oh. Wow.ppkimiko1
Oh Wow wow wow!
Integrity did something I never expected! They released a doll that used the Ayumi 1.0 headsculpt! FREAKIN AWESOME!@!!! WOW!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

I was thrilled! I immediately called and ordered one. How could I not? She’s on a poppy body with the articulated ankles, and that means I won’t have to futz around with body swapping! Ok, I admit the face will need repainting, but I was buying her so I could customize her. Repainting ahead!At that point I tried to order the Lotta Danger Poppy and was told by my first choice dealer that she was sold out (bummer) but I did try my second choice (they’re second because they want a larger pre-order deposit) and they had both (so err, I bought the poppy as well as a second ayumi.

Awesomeness! Yay! Now, even if there wasn’t an Agnes in the collection I could consider myself happy. YAY@!@@ After the certainty that IT wouldn’t be using that sculpt anymore (since they now had the 2.0 sculpt in the FR2 line) it was great to see ayumi’s original sculpt being used.

They went through more of the line, introduced a few new characters (and the old Nadja headsculpt) and then went into the next section. I think it was the Jem stuff. I have a certain amount of nostalgia about Jem, but as a doll, and as potential characters in my photostories they are too limited. Plus, I think that the paint applications on them are really flat looking.
They went through the Tulabelle stuff and whatever else, and then –then they started doing the FR line. I’m all kinds of anxious at this point. Is my internet connection going to hold? Am I going to get disconnected at the vital moment??!

No. It all was good. and surprisingly, the whole FR line was pretty good looking IMO. Just as well that I don’t tend to collect them. There were however two dolls in that set that I wanted and did order:

Eugenia:(mostly because I wanted her clothes for other wardrobes)since I’m not always the biggest fan of the sculpt.


And of course the other doll:


I thought I’d buy her and then see how I feel about her when she gets here. I suspect though, that she might end up finding a new home because I already have Escapism Elise waiting for a re-root. On the Rise Elise wouldn’t need a re-root but…I dunno. She was an impulse buy and I doubt she’ll stay.

And then….

And then……..

They announced the Event Doll–Agnes! WOOT! There it is! The golden ticket! Rawr!
(Do I sound like a complete nutter yet???)

Her clothes don’t do it for me at all, but that doesn’t matter. She’s ordered and I have someone willing to split a 2nd one with me (she takes the clothes, accessories etc and I get the nekkid doll) which totally stokes me because it means I can experiment with taking her hair down (which we were cautioned about in the webinar) and see how it goes. It also means I can (on that one) tweak the lips and make them slightly more frowny like a regular Agnes! Woot!

So… let’s see. I’ve blown 4 months of doll savings in one morning. ouch.ย  No one warned me about that! ๐Ÿ˜›

Poppy Parker Spicy in Spain: partial repaint

So you may or may not recall that I got a Poppy Parker Spicy in Spain a little while back. I swas surprised at the time that I kep her because, well she didn’t really fit my tastes…but I kept her anyhow. I thought that if I did a partial repaint I’d like her better… And I do! ๐Ÿ˜€

So here she is before:


And how she looks after:

repainted spicy in spain 2

I like her new look a lot better although the repaint is pretty sloppy when you see it close up. But even so, it’s an improvement in my book!


Poppy Parker: Under the Knife….A Body Mod

I posted about my first Poppy the week before last a couple of weeks ago…

I’m pretty new to Poppy Parker dolls.ย ย  I’m still getting used to the proportions of their bodies as compared to the other Fashion Royalty dolls. I do like the fact that they are capable of standing upright, unaided. ๐Ÿ™‚ That IS a big plus in my book.

What I don’t like about the Poppy Parker body is a pretty short list: (in order of most disliked to just tolerable…)

  • The totally and completely useless bust-joint
  • The ankle joints.

Sorry, but they could have used a ball-joint there and it would have been great and allowed a smoother line of the foot when “arched” to use in non-flat shoes.

  • The lack of a double joint at the elbow

Something that would allow Poppy (and whoever happens to have her body) the ability to hold a phone to her ear, etc.

So is there anything I can do about any of those problems?

Uh huh. Yep.ย  I think I may have an illness….I seem to be incapable of leaving my dolls alone and un-customized!

I haven’t tried to do anything with the ankle joint, and I know better than to try to put a double jointed elbow in. I’d have to do so much extra work that at this point I don’t think that’s feasible.

But I did do something about that wasted joint, the bust joint!

*cue scary horror movie mad scientist laugh* MWhahahahahahahahahahahha!*

A long while back I saw the photo-tutorial that Emlia did regarding increasing/improving the articulation on the Fashion Royalty Homme body. After giving it some serious thought I hoped that the Poppy Parker body wouldn’t be that different inside and began to take her apart. After all, I figured that since Integrity Toys made both of them they probably weren’t that far removed….

I was and was not quite right about that…..

Interesting to note that Integrity is not (as far as I can tell) using a giant nut to weight the body. But what I did find inside the Poppy Parker body (bodies actually since I did this mod on all of them except India) is that they are filled with varying amounts of hot melt glue.


Not uber cool in my book, but, eh, whatever.

That glue did present something of a problem on some of the bodies because it was in the way (or there was just too much of it) of feeding the elastic through. However, because I am a determined kind of girl I got it done on all of my girls. >:D

And this is what the body can do after the mod — OIN Giselle has been re-bodied onto the new and improved Poppy body. (There are obviously more poses possible and more extreme but, eh, I’m not in the mood to take pics today.)



Now if, on the off chance you want to try this too and you want me to share the photos I tried to take of how I did it (during the process) let me know and I’ll update the post with some more photos–I just need to resize them etc. I didn’t want to bloat the post with a lot of unnecessary pics if no one was interested.


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