Friday Monologue #11: Giselle Weston

So it’s been a while, right? Since I managed to put together a Friday Monologue. I’m recalling now why I have been so reluctant to do them. My memory made me think it was just normal stress, and regular life stuff. But that is incorrect.

(You can skip through the following rant to the photostory! I’m feeling very rant-y today!)

The real reason is the software program that I was using. I’ve been using Plasq Comic Life 2. I had been using their original (first release) when I was in the UK and although it was buggy (and prone to occasional crashes) I liked it for throwing things together quick and easy.

I can’t say the same about Comic Life 2.0 for Windows(or the 3.0 which is in beta, that I had downloaded last week and after 1 use and looking it over decided to uninstall it.) IMO it’s a bloated program that has lost most of it’s charm–and any reliability it had. Today, in the course of working on Giselle’s FM it crashed a total of ELEVEN times. Eleven times in FOUR HOURS. Not good. Ok, I knew that I should always save every few minutes (or hell, any time I actually put some text in the bubbles) because I tend to diverge from my sketch scripts…and when I’ve done that, failed to save it and it crashes–well, that flash of creativity and insight into that character is gone with it. πŸ™

I am going to say this now. Giselle’s Friday Monologue is the very last one I am going to be using plasq’s comic life for.

It’s too unreliable, too frustrating.
For example:

  1. No matter what I do or what settings I use the text always looks less than crisp.
  2. The interface for the program is so filled with bells and whistles and crap that it makes my eyes hurt. SCREW THAT>> Life is too short for crap programs.
  3. It is so buggy it needs an exterminator.
  4. Crashes like there is no tomorrow! (and for some of the scripts, there are NO tomorrows!)

What’s my solution?

I’ll do them old school from now on, in a proper graphics program.

Shoot, it looks like I’m going to have to learn my way around illustrator! >_< steep learning curve, but I can do it. You folks deserve to know the whole story behind each character. I’m washing my hands of Plasq’s Comic Life. (the comic part must be how many times I kept trying to use it! Bleh!)

I’d also like to apologize to some folks that I recommended the program to. When I’d done that I was still using the first edition, and was pretty darned happy with it. :S My how software changes–and not always for the better! >:(

ANYWAY! On to the story: Giselle’s moved to Quinlan, you know? πŸ™‚

As usual CLICK on the image below for the monologue!Friday Monologues: #11 Giselle Weston

Viv & Gillian : a mini photostory! I love 1:6 photostories…don’t you?

You know it’s pretty rare when I get to meet up with other folks with a strong interest in 1:6 scale. But last weekend we were lucky here at the house to have a good friend come by. Will came over and I swore that before he left he had to do a photostory! (Me, a little evil? Naaaaah. Just determined!) We talked a bit and decided that we needed to do something with Viv & Gillian…since we had decided down the line that the two should be related.Β  He and I shot some photos and then spent a good chunk of time collaborating (and jumping back and forth in the “control” seat LOL) All my best to him for being a good sport! πŸ˜€

Among many other things that have gotten discombobulated during the move, I’m currently without the software for my website. So although its not the best option I am going to post the photostory here in its entirety. Hopefully at a later date I can move it onto the QU site proper. I’m going to try to hide them after a cut so that it doesn’t bog down loading of the page too much. Folks, please let me know if there are any issues! Sorry! I couldn’t get it to work! πŸ™
**If some of the photos seem smallish/harder to read—try clicking the white X in the box on them…Sometimes it makes them bigger!**

Hope ya’ll enjoyed! πŸ™‚




Friday Monologue #7 Mallory

Welcome to Friday Monologue #7 !!

I know it’s been a long time coming!!! XD I hope someone enjoys it! :w00t: Looking back today I realized that the last one I’d done was in March! :blush:

I’ve tried to fix the issue of text sizes changing & appearing blurry after exporting them. Not sure this is much of an improvement, but them’s the breaks…Β  😎

And as always—your feedback and thoughts are welcome (provided they’re constructive) :cheerful:

Friday Monologue #5 Alison Dumont

Welcome to Friday Monologue #5 !!

Thanks for being patient with the delay! :biggrin:

I’ve learned something during this FM.Β  I should always try to actually do the dialogue the day of or after shooting the photos. I delayed a bit on this one due to RL stuff and when it came time to work on it some of the commentary that had sprung to mind while shooting disappeared.Β  Now I know better next time! πŸ˜‰

I tried to make the images smaller this time so feedback on how well they display would be good! Also, I know a few of the words in some speech bubbles got slightly cut off. It’s the program I’m using so *shrug* I’ll try to keep it from happening again (ie catching it in one of the steps & fixing it before I do all the other stuff)

Friday Monologue #4: Viv

Welcome to Friday Monologue #4 !!

Here’s FM#4 featuring Viv.

Please if you do actually read it — comment in this post. I’m specifically interested in how the images appear in your browsers (are they too big, not big enough, hard to read, etc.)

I’d appreciate it. 😎

Making Progress? Yes!

Today was good.Β  :biggrin: Β  I managed to shoot most (if not all) of the photos for use in this week’s Friday Monologue. Tomorrow I’ll chain myself to the computer and edit the photos and then begin the actual photostory.

Yesterday I began work on a couple of Momoko dresses for ebay. They need to be finished up at some point. :happy:

I’m also going to be working on making some 1:6 goodies although I expect they’ll take some trial and error to get right. And I definitely won’t be listing those on Etsy when they’re done ((shhhh! 1:6 perv alert!)) :devil:

Otherwise still here & kicking.

My eye appt is next saturday–hopefully they’ll tell me that the tapering off of the flashes are good signs & that all is well. *fingers crossed *

Hope everyone else out there is having a good time & being productive with their 1:6 stuff!

Friday Monologue #2

Welcome to Friday Monologue #2 !!
(I owe everyone lots of emails & return comments–I promise I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow am!–I’m only 15 minutes from missing my Friday deadline!) Please take a moment to answer the poll question in the side column, will you? It’ll decide who get’s interviewed next Friday!! :biggrin:

Here’s FM#2 featuring Shayna.

Please if you do actually read it — comment in this post. I’d appreciate it. 😎

*PS: the ending is abrupt again. I need to work on endings….*

Friday Monologues #1

Friday MonologuesΒ  (I know that these aren’t true monologues–but just bear with me for now, ok?)

Here’s FM#1 featuring Thom.

Please if you do actually read it — comment in this post. I’d appreciate it. 😎

*PS: the ending is rather abrupt but seeing as it’s less than an hour before midnight I chose abrupt rather than deciding to put off ending it for another day—or 2…or…3….you get the idea?*

*PPS: I just realized there are some typos in it–I’m aware they’re there. If I can find time tomorrow I’ll fix them then :blush: *

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