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Hey everyboooooodddyyy!
Just want to let you all know that despite the issues here I am going to be re-opening my Etsy shop on Monday of next week! 😀
(and if you stop by here, on Monday and check my blog post you’ll find a coupon too!)

Happy Thanksgiving (in advance) to Everyone!

New things up in the CkWorkshop Etsy store! :D

Hey there!! 😀  We put some more stuff in the shop! At last! Here are some pics! Click the photos to get to the shop (it’s always good to browse, don’t you think??!) 😉






Anywho–if anything catches your attention please stop by, comment or add it to your 1/6 collection! 😀

Etsy! Oh yea! Here’s the Stuff!

The new stuff is all up in Etsy (now, before I race off into the subzero weather for my shift at work!) So make me a happy chickie and go check them out here:


Meanwhile, Giselle and Taylor are slowly growing to hate me and the fact I keep making them show off furniture that they can’t keep! 😛

I really need to get some 1/6 time to myself…my custom dolls are languishing, and my photostories are all stuck in neutral. Darn it!

Something’s coming on Sunday! :) *teaser pics!*

So the new job, the weather and not feeling my best have all played into the schedule here… But Mark has been slaving away and I will be listing his next batch of goodies starting on Sunday (I need to take more photos and stuff and am trying to schedule that around other commitments.)
Here are 2 teasers!



So check out CKWorkshop on etsy–Sunday Night/Monday morning for the new listings! 😉

And I do promise to update my blog soon with non-etsy stuff — I haven’t had any time for my own 1/6 stuff lately! :S

Yay! CKWorkshop at Etsy is OPEN!

Woot! It’s aliiiiiive!

We started getting the listings done this afternoon/evening…and I’ll be working on them more tomorrow! We still have some shelving units to list, more tables, paintings, that pallet couch (which I so want to keep…*sigh*) and other miscellaneous stuff.

For those of you who read the blog, here’s that promised coupon! CKW28FEB .It’s good for 10% off any purchase of 10 dollars or more. It’s good through feb 28th *so y’all can get a paycheck ready! woo!* I haven’t tried doing a coupon before so if you try to use it and there’s an issue please do let me know.

All this week (and over the weekend) I’ll be updating the store with more new stuff and goodies! Keep your eyes peeled! 😉

CKWorkshop Etsy Preview #1! Sixthscale stuff!

Ok, so things are not going according to plan but despite that things are still getting done! 😀
I wanted to open the shop today (sat) but things happened last night and today. But don’t despair! I have some photos to share of things that will be getting listed when the etsy shop opens! I’m aiming for Tuesday night as the shop re-Opening day! Yay!
Ok, here are just a few pics…







Also, for readers of the blog I’m going to do a coupon on the day it opens >> so be sure to check back on the blog! 😀

Trying to make progress…

Let’s be honest here: I’m not getting as much done as I’d hoped nor as quickly as I’d planned to.

I haven’t forgotten about repainting Kyu, or pulling Irresistible in India Poppy out (and repainting her lips & tweaking her eyes), annnnnnnd making stuff for the dioramas(mine) or working on the ideas for the Cup & Saucery diorama…but the truth is I’m hustling to get things done for Etsy for the 1st of February!

That’s right. February 1st is the re-open date for the Etsy shop! 😀 😀

I’ll have a preview post up on the 30th so you all can get a sneak peak at what’s coming to the shop before it gets there! 😉

Mark will have a table or two (or 4) in there, I’ll have bonsai trees, a pallet couch, some paintings…and who knows what else!

What are you interested in — in 1/6 scale?

So at last, things are moving along here!  😀 We’re going to survive the winter (I think! We’ve kept the house in the high 50’s and mid 60’s woot! warmth!) and Mark and I are settling in to start making some 1/6 stuff to put up on Etsy.

I have my ideas, he has his….but out of curiosity–and some weird kind of market research, I guess….

  • What would you folks like to see being made?
  • What’s missing from your dioramas?
  • What small things, large things, minis etc are you missing and wish you could get?
  • Furniture?
  • Walls(textured like brick etc)?
  • Accessories?
  • A specific style (aside from mid century modern, please?)?

Your feedback on this is pretty important 😀 so please don’t hesitate to comment!

As a reminder here are some of the things that mark has made: (also doors and windows and whatnot)

2-bookcases so-in-style-trichelle-1

karly-desk White shelving units

1:6 scale sash window        karly-dresser


Paloma at the window labtable2sw

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