NDR: NaNoWriMo is coming….and a Kitty too?

Ok, totally not doll related but NaNoWriMo is starting on November 1st!! This is a good thing and a bad thing–since I am committing fully to doing it this year and even have a writing partner (yay Syd!) to bounce things off of and to also cheer on in her novel writing efforts ๐Ÿ˜€

What does me doing NaNoWriMo mean for my 1:6 stuff?
Not that much, really. I should still be able to work on the projects I have on the horizon and still meet my 2K a day word commitment.

Also, I mentioned this on Figurvore, but I am going to be going to meet a new kitten today, named –appropriately (or not)- Max.


If the meeting goes well he’ll be coming home with me this afternoon to join in the fun that goes on here!
No, really, there IS fun to be had! And no…it doesn’t include chewing the hands off my dolls! ๐Ÿ˜›


Indy died this morning just before 2am.

I was holding him and stoking him and telling him how wonderful he is, and how special and brave. And of course how much we love him.

I’m emotionally wrecked right now and I hope that Indy can at last have rest, a wonderful working body and the love of the universe.ย  I hurt though and while I am in pain about his passing I have to have hope that he at least is free of pain and the physical constraints that his life (earlier) and illness put on him. He knew so little love and kindness in his life that I hope that he knew how much he meant to us. How much his little trot into a room meant, how much I treasured the purrs that he gave.

I love you Indy.


If you’re so inclined please send a good wish/thoughtย  to ease his way.

Update on Indy

Indy’s been home with us since Monday. We’d asked while he was hospitalized if it was possible to test his urine or blood to determine if his sudden changes were kidney or possibly diabetes related. The doc was reluctant to take Indy’s blood due to his poor condition, but did get a little and urine and after tests it’s come back that Indy is (no surprise) suffering renal disease and possibly failure. ๐Ÿ™

We went in to see how he was doing and it was suggested that if we wanted time with him it would be better to spend it with him now, since there could very possibly not be a later.

So teary and distraught we took him home along with some k/d food for him and a bag of subQ fluids and some needles, some antibiotics, some liquid good (vitamins and calories in it). We were told that he needed the fluids 1x daily and the vitamin goo 3-4 times daily and the antibiotics 2x daily.

He’s improving although my ability to get the fluids in him has not. I was successful the first couple days but he’s just so bony that there isn’t much skin to scruff for it. The vet had said if there was a problem with it to come back so that is what we did this am. We waited an hour (expected, since we didn’t have an appointment) and got to see the doc.

He showed us again how to do it, and he gave Indy fluids for today and tomorrow. And Mark is now going to try to give Indy the fluids while I hold him (rather than vice versa as we were doing).

The good news is: Indy’s put on 1/2 a pound so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ He is still anemic (which means we have to be careful about the fluid). Doc said his guns are still far too pale and that his tongue is a bit more pink but not pink enough yet. His appetite has improved a great deal–in the entire time since I picked him up at the shelter I have never seen him eat so much–so that’s good too.

He’s feeling a bit better we think since he’s started grooming himself again.

Over all it’s pretty good and we’re glad to know that at least he’s more comfortable now. I’m still hoping he’ll continue to rally and we’ll get a couple of years to make him realize life can be good–I can always hope. But I do still look at him with that critical eye and I do know that at some point I’ll have to have him euthanized. But let’s hope that’s a few years away.

Kitten repair and the like…

Do you remember Indy?

Indy on 6-17….about 2 pounds heavier than he is now ๐Ÿ™

Well he’s currently at the vet’s.

He was getting thinner and weaker despite me feeding him everything under the sun to interest him (and he does love beef). Looking at him getting thinner even though he was interested in food (and no he had been wormed 3x according to the shelter)ย  I knew that something wasn’t quite right. I took him in on Thursday afternoon (the doc got us an emergency slot) and it wasn’t looking very good. He said it looked like there was possibly some kind of organ failure, and that he looked like he was dying.

I was, understandably gutted. Yes, I knew there had to be something wrong but I didn’t know what–and I’d only taken him less than 3 weeks earlier in to see the doc. So something changed radically in that time. I don’t know what.

Anyway, the doc gave Indy some antibiotics and noted that he was dehydrated. So he was given subcutaneous fluid, some vitamin gel stuff, and kept him overnight with the caution that I shouldn’t expect much.ย  yes, I was hurting something wicked, and terribly worried about how Indy was going to be, if he was going to die over night etc.

That same day, after I got home from the vet (and continued to be worried about Indy) I got a phone call for an interview. So I had to pull myself together and call back the recruiter about it. And sound like I wasn’t the red-nosed, puffy faced, crying wreck that I was.

I must have done that part ok, since they wanted to do a 2nd interview (via phone) the following day. So, I was glad about that but still worried about Indy.

I called the Doc’s office first thing Friday morning and was told that Indy was now eating, and moving around more and looking slightly improved. That was better than what I was afraid I was going to hear and I was overjoyed about that. The Doc wanted to keep Indy over the weekend (and continue the SubQ treatments & observation) and I thought that was a good idea. I’m not sure if it’s a real rally in his health or not, and until we can figure out if he’s going to stabilize and what if anything caused this/how to treat him I won’t feel comfortable taking him home.ย  A friend posited that it could be he’s an untreated diabetic (not unheard of) or that he has some other damage (internal) from all the abuse and it’s taken this long for his body to go “Eh Eh”.

I’m trying to optimistic about Indy’s health and his improvement. I want him to be able to become that healthy little cat. I want to be able to help make that happen. But I don’t want him suffering needlessly either. So we’ll have to wait and see about that and what happens.


Welcome Indy! An Unexpected Addition…. *NDR post*

I’ve been lax on posting lately. Mostly it’s been me being sick and trying to kick the cold (It has gone from my head to throat to chest and I think there’s just a bit left *hanging on like an unwanted visitor!* before it’s gone).

Monday this week I ran across an ad online for a cat that needed adopting. I know….. It’s not like we were in desperate need for one, right? I mean we have the most beauteous Electra and Harleyย  to keep us company.


So ok, a semi-bald, abused cat. Bound to have issues.

I decided I’d email them anyway. What harm could an email do, right? Besides, I wanted to see what he looked like, you know?

Juli, the awesome chick running the rescue emailed me right away and snapped some photos of him. She also gave me some excellent information about him and his background. It’sย  Rough. With a Capital R. Basically, the guy bought him for his teenage daughter (to try to get her to visit–it didn’t work and he was then stuck with a cat he hated and reminded him of his failure). This guy intentionally starved him (he told his neighbor when he took the cat that he was trying to starve it to death), drop kicked him, and threw him across the room whenever he saw him. He had no veterinary care, was infested with fleas, had scabs over his body and was mostly bald. In general he was in really, really poor health when the rescue took him. (that guy should be thankful I don’t own a gun. Yes, people. I would shoot someone for doing something as inhuman as that.

You can’t really tell from looking at the photos but right now he looks a lot like a bobble head….big head and stick figure body ๐Ÿ™ but he has the best personality. He’s sweet, and affectionate. I find it so unbelievable how loving he is considering his treatment.

This was one of the photos that the rescue sent me to let me know what he looked like:


I figured that although it was a bit of a long drive I’d go meet him in person, and see how it went. I’d wanted to get a Maine Coon kitten some time later this year (or next) but was also feeling guilty about getting a kitten when I know so many cats are out there in shelters and rescues who really need the home. You know?ย  So in that sense, he seemed like a perfect match. He was a maine coon (if horribly abused and malnourished), and he needed a home. And he’s a lapcat.

And we met and he liked me. That was about all there was to that. I was hooked and took him home.ย  So then Mark (although he’s still in the UK, but on his way home next week) and I decided we should rename him (we just didn’t see him as a Jackie Chan….More of an Indiana Jones since he seemed to have escaped from his own Temple of Doom. So we’re calling him Indy! ๐Ÿ˜€

This is a pic from this morning (*he came home with me yesterday afternoon*) he was winding himself around my legs ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes his little ribs are sticking out, and you can feel every knob on his spine ๐Ÿ™



So wish us all luck with getting him to good health, feel more secure and loved. He’s a wonderful boy!

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