Photo challenge week #1

I managed to clear off my table of all the various projects I’m working on so that I could set up to shoot a few quick photos for the challenge. 😀

First a tiny bit of info about this week’s Model. This is a Perfectly Suited Giselle (from the 2015 IT Convention) I got her off of MisterdollFace for cheap sometime last year. She had some issues (like she reeked of smoke) and she came with crumpled broken lashes that I peeled off but that pulled off the eye paint.* The first thing I did was give her a complete wash until I couldn’t detect the cigarette smell anymore. She needs her eyes repaired *I’m ok with that, it’s just been a case of I haven’t worked on her yet.



I like her in general because she has been painted in a way that resembles Old is New Giselle *my first Giselle* She’s been re-rooted (I think that whoever did it used the tension method)and I thinnk the dark hair suits her. After I do the fix on her facial paint I will see about styling her hair (it has a ton of static flyaways).
And another:

Now that I managed to grab out the camera I think that next week’s photos should be easier for me to get done. 🙂



Photos of my dolls: a personal challenge

Taking some time to set up a doll, dress her and shoot.
It seems like a good place to start… not to mention that I have a bunch of dolls that I picked up over the last two years that I’ve never even photographed.

Taking this on as a personal challenge starting this week.
My goal is to shoot photos of some of my dolls each week. I want to do two posts featuring the photos. The thought behind the challenge is to help keep me motivated to do things with my dolls and add a bit of structure to my hobby. I don’t think I will do themes since just shooting some decent photos is the goal.

1:6 Projects Challenge: wk 1 Beds * photos*

The beds! The beeeeeeeeeeeds!

Making the beds was (for me) the more difficult of the two projects from the challenge.  (I should stop and say here, that my simple plan was critiqued and overseen by Mark.  Mostly because this was the only way I was allowed in the shed and to use his power-tools–the things you gotta do, you know?)  🙂 When we move though–I will have tools! 😛

I don’t know if I’d mentioned it in the previous post, but I only had 2 real requirements for my beds:

1) that they be flat-packable. I didn’t want to go through the bother and hassle of making them (and bedding for them) only to have to ditch them when we finally move.

2)That they be slightly shorter & narrower than the original (make shift) dorm beds so I have a few mm extra space to jiggle things around for room set-ups.

I tend to be pretty flexible insofar as what I want my finished pieces to look like. This is because I have a habit of wanting to change it as I go along, to make it more …better. This, however did not go down well with Mark, who again was vetting everything I was doing.  Ever take a shop class with that teacher who would stare at you when you said something incredibly retarded?

Yep. Mark is that teacher and I’m that student (when it comes to drawn plans).  We had a disagreement about why I had to draw scale drawings (I knew the sizes of the pieces of wood, I knew where the wood went & how it connected—-so why bother with plans?)

The answer to that is that you can use it to make sure everything is “right”.  Ok, maybe if I were planning on making a crap load of beds I’d bother.  Otherwise—nah.  Stuff for me  (it’s totally different if I’m making it for someone else though) just isn’t that finicky.  I kept my sheet of paper with the rough drawing I’d done and the min & max dimensions I wanted the bed to be, along with what pieces I needed to cut etc.

Anyway, in the process I did learn some stuff I hadn’t known.

Like: if you are trying to drill into pine (or spruce) and you have the sap rings/banding (See Pic)  then you will have to force the drill to go through it otherwise the sap bands cause the drill to veer off to either side.

I actually got all the wood sourced, cut and ready to go in one day.  As you can see Bree had to help with the wood cutting! 😉

As you can see it takes quite a bit more wood than is apparent at first glance.

Here’s one tip–if you’re going to cut a bunch of pieces that need to be the same size (on the band saw) tape them together (provided they’re small/thin enough). It helps to make certain they all end up the same.

The next day I started gluing & drilling. I had to clamp the side rails.

Glue always ends up stuck on my clothes and stuff and this time was no different.

Merrit & Verity helping with the headboards:

This is the place where I should say that when I finally move home (and want to make a new set of beds (and bunk beds, where you’ll see the underside) I’ll buy some good wire & make the faux springs & metal bottoms like the should have had. Buuuuut—they work (and will work if I choose to re-make the bottoms at a later date!) Or hell, they do work as bunk beds as long as I don’t focus on the undersides of them. LOL

Anyway  I don’t want to bore you all with the way I put it together.  Suffice that I did (at that point I just couldn’t be bothered to take any more pics. It was just easier to do than to document!), and then I had to stain it.   I wanted them to match the existing dorm furniture which is stained a dark color. It’s boring (you have to do a coat, let it dry, do another, let it dry etc…repeat. repeat.) I used some water-based varnish from B&Q. Only problem I had was that I would keep forgetting how many layers I’d already applied….oh well. Live and learn.

While the various coats of stain were drying I had to work on the mattresses. After all, I can’t use the old ones (wrong sizes) and I wanted to do them better anyway.  Besides, I don’t remember any dorm bed having super cushy & thick mattresses!

Karly & Eff are showing off the new beds. One is partly stained and the other needed to get stained.

You can see my attempts at mattresses. I wanted them to look a bit more like the industrial /old ones we had when I was at Caz, but I didn’t quite succeed. Part of this was because I only had a little bit of the fabric to make them out of and I tried to scrape by to get it to work. (thus one is actually a bit smaller than the other, and wouldn’t you know that they both shrank in size after I “quilted” them? D’oh!

And one of the other projects I started was trying to get the bedding done (the blankets, sheets & pillows for Nik & Merrit’s room.  So far all I’ve gotten done was Merrit’s comforter. He get’s plaid.  I still need to wash it to get it that crinkled/used look.  I did give it a few rows of wavy “quilting” like you sometimes see on older comforters/sleeping bags.  I took this pic to see how well that size blanket would work if in the future I want to use them as bunk beds:

Anyway, that’s last week’s projects done & dusted.

I’d like to say I’m going to take on 2 more projects but the situation with the house (trying to sell it), trying to research some options for us (just suffice to say some plans fell through) & some of the other joys of life means that nothing is stable enough for me to plan “hobby” time.  Heck — at this point I’m just fighting migraines and trying not to let acid gnaw a hole in my stomach. Ugh

Wish us good luck with the house stuff and I’ll try to keep updating the blog with something  doll or hobby related (since I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear about the house! LOL)


1:6 Projects Challenge: wk 1 (heads) *photos*

To re-cap—>this Last week’s projects were to make 2 replacement beds for the college dorm rooms & to re-root and  paint 3 new female characters for the cast.

The projects have come along with various degrees of success.  I ran into a serious road-block with having to get the house ready to show estate agents — and then have those self same agents come and check it out and give us their valuations on the property.  It took a lot of time to stage the house (and still need to do some further work) so it really ate into free time (it still is as we have more to do *sigh*)

Secondly–I’d like to update about the beds but part of my progress photos are on a memory card that mark borrowed (and I’m still waiting to get it back–so until then, no bed update–hopefully he’ll get it to me soon!)


I started out with 2 Neo heads (2 pale ) and 1 old C head that I wanted to give high & low lights to in order to make the purple hair look less “flat”. You know what I mean? I wasn’t really expecting a lot out of them other than they’d be some girls and hopefully they’d have some character about them that I liked.

This is how they turned out: (the photos are rather crummy because I didn’t have much patience and didn’t bother to set up proper lighting.)

**I don’t know what their personalites are like (except for Nerissa)  or what their dress sense is.  So if anyone would like to chime in on what kind of vibe they get or impressions please do!**




And there you have it. Overall I’m pleased with the results.

I need to think a bit about next week’s projects but I’ll post on Sunday about them.

Yay! I got stuff done! 🙂

1:6 Challenge wk1: Delay!

Well sometimes you just can’t plan for things.  You know what I mean?

Today I was supposed to update the blog with some great, finished projects!

We finally got to a place where we could get the (real) estate agents (they don’t call them real estate agents here—just “estate Agents”) to come check our house out and give us some valuations on the property (so we can pick one and get the house firmly on the market and hopefully put us a few steps closer to getting the hell outta Dodge!

Anyway, they’re coming next week–which meant that the majority of this week has been spent on cleaning, and tweaking the house so that when they come it looks as clean (and NEUTRAL) as possible. (I had to pack up the majority of my dolls today–Can I just say how hard that was to do?)

*heavy, heavy sigh*

This has meant my workroom/office has “blown up” and become an even greater mess. This is because if I’m going to put the effort in to get it looking totally spic n span, I’m not going to be half assed about it. That means going through everything and culling out as much “crap” as possible.  The easiest way to explain is that I’m kind of mental. If you need to know more about what is pushing my buttons email me. I just don’t want to subject casual readers to doses of my family history! 😛

Anyway, the result is that although I got half my challenge clearly done (I got both beds built, and mattresses for both, and I re-rooted 2 heads) I have not yet completed it because my “work schedule” got disrupted with all the organizing & cleaning. Ok, and brutal clearing out of stuff.

Sorry folks, but you know–moving is really my #1 priority! So the update is delayed this week until Sunday, and next week’s probably will be too, since I’ll have to work around showing the house to 6 different estate agents on tues, weds & thurs.


Making progress on the challenge! Heads!

Part of me wanted to wait until Friday to update the blog with what (and how much) I managed to get done.  I thought….Nyah! To hell with that! 😛  I might as well show at least some of it–otherwise there won’t be any posts at all until Friday!

So here’s how I’m moving along with making the new students for the chronicles.

I’ve re-rooted 2 Neo heads (the brunette & the red head) and added in a considerable amount of plugs on the purple haired girl.

Brunette needs me to clean up the paint on her forehead (I’m going to paint in some tiny hairs/hairline) and trim the ends of the hair.  I used Restoredoll Saran in “Black Orchid” on her and it’s a really nice look. It’s got pretty subtle highlights so it’s not just flat black.

Purple girl (Old C head) has been given low lights with Restoredoll Saran “Purple Passion” and “Sapphire” (a dark blue with Pthalo tones–not what I’d really consider Sapphire blue).  I’m trying to save some money to buy some of the looking glass blue they have since I think that’s something I’d like to re-root Astrid with down the road.

Red Head needs to have some more of her ends trimmed.  She was rooted with some of the really old volks hair (like, from when it came on spools, old!) and some darker red hair that I had from an equally ancient NDR (noix de rome) order.

And yes….. they are sitting on one of the beds I’ve made but not yet finished.  Last night I made the mattress for one, and I need to do that for the other as well.  Then I need to stain the beds, and of course–make bedding. (I’m not sure if the bedding really falls under this challenge or if I should make the bedding be part of next weeks?)

There we go so far!

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