B.A.S. *Mini Photostory featuring Merrit & Raven * instead of scheduled sewing!

Yes, that’s right!
I played hooky from sewing and took a detour into printable land! 😀 (and then from there to a small, pretty pointless photostory with the one requisite “pizza-shot”) 😉

The pics show off Merrit’s new shirt, and one of Raven’s new outfits. The set up is minimal (sorry, it’s all I can manage right now. The story was just an excuse to show off the printables I made today)

Today was nice in so far as taking a break from sewing goes. However…I’m not really willing to classify making printables as “fun”. While I generally am happy with my attempts at making printables to use as props in my 1:6 dioramas I don’t find the actual process of making them that much fun. (I know, you’re asking me, but what about those books? Didn’t you spend hours and hours scanning them?)
I should clarify: I would enjoy the process MUCH much more if I had a flat bed scanner that was bigger than a sheet of A4. I never really thought when I left it behind in the states that I would miss my ledger sized scanner. An 11×17 bed would make a lot of this so much easier. Eventually, when I feel more up to it, I’ll take some decent pictures. And make better printables. They would probably have come out better on ink jet paper. Next time. 😉 Meh.

Annnnnyway—-What you’re here for is the photographs, right?
Click the photos below for the link!

*sorry for the few typos & errors in wordage. I’m tired and I wanted to get this done before I went to sleep. those are my only explanations.*

Close up of basket:
Basket of goodies

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5 thoughts on “B.A.S. *Mini Photostory featuring Merrit & Raven * instead of scheduled sewing!

  1. Yay! Another short story! And so soon. 😉

    I guess every female reader can relate to Raven, you really need to spell it out for the guys. I believe their brain is not capable of dealing with “female trouble” (unless he is actually a physician and even they can be quite helpless sometimes). It’s because of the one lonely neurotransmitter they have – testosterone… 😛

    With apologies to the male readers – I know there are some out there who try. 😉

  2. I love your short photostories and the printies look amazing. But why do you need a bigger scanner to print out such small printies? There I’ve got a bit confused.

  3. Heh heh heh! 😀
    Glad y’all liked it and enjoyed it.

    Ursula- Yep! Don’t send a Boy out to do a Woman’s job 😉 Especially if the boy would rather be playing nintendo!

    Claudia- I don’t need a printer, I need a bigger scanner…so that when i chop up boxes and things to make printables from, I can do it all at once instead of having to scan each in different sections. And then combine the sections in photoshop to make one complete item/print. It’s just a lot of hassle with the smaller scanner is all!

    MW- Yes, Raven is something of a Drama Queen. She’s just overe the top on some things. 😉 And yet quiet and shy about others. Go figure?

  4. Ooooo what cool little props you made. I’m going to have to give that a try some day. I love your photostories.

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