Mai & Doronjo: a mini story

Yea, I know I have better things to do….

But I wanted to try using the comic life program to see if using it more frequently makes me like it any more (which, the answer is: No…I still find it more difficult than doing the same things in PS. The only benefit is that it makes layout easier and saving for print quality.)

And, yea…Mai is definitely in need of an Attitude Adjustment!

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4 thoughts on “Mai & Doronjo: a mini story

  1. Ahahah, so funny, I’m looking forward for the next episode… Poor Miss Dronjo, I wonder what will happen to her…

  2. No adjustment, pleeeeease? I firmly believe that every cast needs a grumpy doll. If you ever need a holiday from Bitching!Mai, send her over, I’ll offer refuge. 😉
    Enjoyed the story, reminds me very much of the first months with Blaze (although she was not above using weapons to get what she want). Don’t fear, they mellow over time. 😀

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