Top 10 List of 2008: #6 *Girls Mission figures* w/ mini photostory

#6 Girls Mission action figures (Ai, Mai)

Description of Toy/Toyline: Aoshima/Skynet is pretty well known for their Lady’s Mission figures. These are an offshoot of the LM called Girls Mission. Essentially special forces Teen Girl Action figures. They come wearing some sort of school uniforms depending on the figure. Ai came with a rifle. Mai came with a snub nosed revolver, crappy handcuffs, and a fairly nice cell phone.

So why did they make my list?

  • They’re smaller in build & height than CGs and almost comparable build wise with some of the volks dollfies I have.
  • They have cute headsculpts.
  • Most (if not all) barbie clothes fit them.
  • It’s possible that the head can be swapped onto a volks excellent body.
  • These were bought with the intention of integrating them and customizing them for use in my photostories. At least one is slated to be Cass’s cousin.
  • The Ai figure comes with spare hands and not just gripping hands.

Downside to these figures:

  • Ai & Mai both arrived with severe (and I do mean SEVERE!) staining of the feet due to non-colorfast socks they came with. It’s a shame, and although I am trying to treat them, I think it is more likely I will have to paint the feet to ever get them similar to human color. Mark says they look like they have severe cases of frostbite…I think it resembles gangrene…so either way the feet are losers. 🙁
  • The heads are not perfect matches for the body skintones. It’s close-ish, but not really great IMO. But then…I’m a stickler for things like that.

Now, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t be assed after my initial disappointment (re:the staining) to put them into a proper review format. Instead, here’s a mini photostory. You can see in it where I’ve replaced Ai’s feet. (BTW its a crappy story, no plot or anything.)

P.S. And yes, I know one of the panels has a repeat…I’m just too lazy to fix it! ;P

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 List of 2008: #6 *Girls Mission figures* w/ mini photostory

  1. The head sculpts look great. I like your little comic very much. Nice characters, and I always love those stories in which the dolls have the awareness of being dolls.

  2. I was seriously considering to buy one or two of the Girl’s Mission figures myself, but I got sidetracked with Pauli’s new body. Now here you go and tempt me with those cute headsculpts…

    Btw I’m a sucker (as you might have guessed) for grumpy dolls. 😉

  3. I enjoyed the photostory very much, thanks 🙂
    And I didn’t realize before these dolls have such a sweet head-sculpt, I thought they were more similar to CY girls.

  4. Hey, Poor Mai no wonder she’s pissed. 😀

    I also wanted to say that I popped over to the Chronicles and the site looks wonderful. I’m excited to see what your going to cook up over there.

  5. Thanks folks!
    I’m glad you all enjoyed it!

    Mick it’s a rare one-off for me to actually have a photostory from me (or a psy) where the dolls or figures are aware of their existence as such instead of as the person they portray or embody.

    Ursula The headsculpts really DO rock!
    And I don’t know if they come grumpier than Mai!!
    They’re great and I think its nice to see such a departure from the CY girls/ZC and Barbie head types.
    So by all means–cave and DO IT! 😉
    Get one! (they’re pretty much discontinued now I think)! These are awesome little figures! (although do note that Mai is about a head taller than Ai) and that Ai is shorter than a volks dollfie. Ai’s head has a strange adaptor to it (its weird. if you need me to describe it I will) but from what I can see it should come off with some effort and the head would definitely take the volks or obitsu posts. (although her default body is fine IMO)

    Claudia They are very nice! I think Ai looks sweeter than Mai, Mai just seems perpetually pissed off!

    Ancient_Immie Awww, thanks! I’m glad that the website is looking promising! 😀 I’m really hoping to do the chronicles some justice (although I have to admit that its a slow start for the first episode or two while I intro characters and places) thanks for being so patient! 🙂 Now that I’ve got most of the characters filled its just a case of getting some sets and props that I need. Hope to start shooting next month!

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