Hey, I’m playing with my dolls again, At Last!

Truly! Well, I’m not sure if it can be called “playing” but I took one of them and gave her a re-paint last night.

It’s the first time I have done a repaint in more than a year now. It shows how much my skills have atrophied. That isn’t much of a surprise since it’s always been use it or lose it with me. While I am not pleased with my skill at this point (or how the doll came out) I am pleased that 1) I did try, 2)that I am happy with one thing about the repaint and that is how her lips came out.

The doll I picked last night was Tricks of the Trade Eugenia.
I’d gotten her years ago off of the Dollpage (now, Misterdollface). I’d gotten her as a project doll, and I took a long time to wipe her face. I never liked the way she looked. She looked too harsh and the heavy raccoon eyes weren’t working. (not that what I did is much better, but still…)

So here we go: Before




Now she just needs a name.







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8 thoughts on “Hey, I’m playing with my dolls again, At Last!

  1. Good for you for getting back to painting! It’s hard to take that first step after a long time away, but you did it. May the next steps be easier.
    Your repaint is a definite improvement. The lips and blush look especially good. The spots around her forehead remind me of the Trill from Star Trek. :}

  2. She looks like an Anya to me. I don’t know that your skills have atrophied – she looks fabulous! Much better than the initial face.

  3. Oh she looks fantastic! That eyeliner is brilliant and I think overall she looks far more approachable and friendly than before. I find a lot of the ‘high fashion’ dolls to be far too haughty and snobbish! XD
    I’m so glad you’re able to enjoy your dolls again. 🙂

  4. Great to hear from you and that you felt up to playing with a doll:D.
    I love your repaint, she looks so much more attractive yet realistic with those brighter eyes, and feathered brows. Her blush is perfect too.
    The artistic design on her forehead and outer eyes makes me think of something medieval or magical.

  5. She’s definitely unique. I love so much about her. Especially love that you are playing and giving life to lovely dollies. Welcome back, E!

  6. Congrats on feeling in the swing of things again! I hope your hubby is safely back now and that’s lifting you up even more. I love what you have done with her lips…I always though the bubble gum lips and bleached out eyebrows were horrid. Your artistic embellishments on her face are adorable.

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