It’s 3:53am do you know where your dolls are?

Yeah. For the most part. There are a couple who are MIA but I’m sure that I’ve put them someplace that is “safe”…for some reason or another. I’ve been awake since about 12:30 and spent a couple of hours tossing, turning and looking at Pinterest on my phone while snuggling with Jess. I’m so happy to finally have a lap/chest cat again. 🙂

I’m slowly dealing with my depression. I’ve been switched onto some new meds last week, and an additional one on Monday so we’ll see how it plays out. I feel much better now that I am out of crisis and don’t have to have someone watching me full-time. Ugh.

Mark will be heading off to england again next week. We both know it’s not the best time for him to go, but his mother (who is geriatric and afaik has everything wrong in the universe with her) is having operations done on both of her eyes and she needs someone to take care of her and the house and her alzheimer-diseased husband -nope. Not gonna be much help there. His sister who lives in London, can’t be assed, so it falls to Mark. They have a strange family dynamic. (Or I don’t know, maybe it’s a normal one, since I had something way beyond that_).

To try to keep from hitting another bad patch, I have agreed to do two things while Mark is away:

  1. Make as many props and accessories as I can for the sets and dioramas I want to get done this year. Small projects, sure, but there are massive amounts of things to be made and if I do a couple every day that will help (if nothing else I’ll have some stuff made LOL)
  2. Take 1 photo each week of the same diorama — each time decorated totally differently. That will take effort and time and I hope I can keep my motivation up while doing it.

Anyway just wanted a quick check in.

Thanks everyone who’ve emailed and stuff. It goes a long way toward making me feel less alone.


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5 thoughts on “It’s 3:53am do you know where your dolls are?

  1. That’s a great idea! Doing something you’re great at but that is an achievable task is pretty relaxing.
    I hope you’re feeling like yourself soon.

  2. Hi! Hope you are busy with the diorama props. I, too, am looking forward to seeing what you’ve made. Thanks in advance for any tips you share.

  3. Oh, and no, I don’t know where all my dolls and action figures are. Some may still be in storage, but that’s a long, sad tale ;-P

    Good luck finding the missing members of your crew.

    Happy New Year.

  4. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better! I love the stuff you sent me, including the little painting. Never got around to telling you that!

    Families can be really weird. I’ll probably never figure mine out.

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