Photos of my dolls: a personal challenge

Taking some time to set up a doll, dress her and shoot.
It seems like a good place to start… not to mention that I have a bunch of dolls that I picked up over the last two years that I’ve never even photographed.

Taking this on as a personal challenge starting this week.
My goal is to shoot photos of some of my dolls each week. I want to do two posts featuring the photos. The thought behind the challenge is to help keep me motivated to do things with my dolls and add a bit of structure to my hobby. I don’t think I will do themes since just shooting some decent photos is the goal.

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2 thoughts on “Photos of my dolls: a personal challenge

    1. 🙂 thanks D7ana. I really had it hit home today how long it’s been because when I turned on my camera I was looking at the settings and thinking…”Oh crap! I forgot my settings!” LOL

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