Okay, it’s almost October. That means what?

Fall. Autumn. Crisp air, bright sunshine, cloudy rainy days. All waiting for me.
My favorite time of year. Along with my birthday, of course! *snerk* I’m old enough that I really shouldn’t keep track of them anymore. Plus my fencing gear that I got last year is supposed to equal my birthday gift for about 2 years. It’s good stuff, so I can’t comp.lain except of course, I keep wishing for dolls! 😉

Yea, so the end of this month, September is finally rolling near and I have 2 NDR projects to finish before I can begin having time to work with my dolls and customs. And breathe. I’ve been feeling like this month has been a nonstop ride and couldn’t ever seem to just catch my pace. I’m looking forward to it though, because I have some new techniques that I want to try and see if they will work and give me better results with less frustration. We’ll see.

October — well, that’s the month I am going to list all the stuff I have been working on for Etsy. Talking crap-ton. I don’t get so tired making the stuff, you know? It’s the photography that always ends up making me knackered. Oh well, at least I can manage to take decent photos when I need to. 🙂

I haven’t worked any more on my dioramas but I did decide that the cafe really should have wooden floors (think dark, walnut). Of course if I do that, I’d be looking at at least 50 bucks worth of wood to do it right. (not using actual walnut mind you, just varnish that color). Worth it? Yes. Have it? Nope. So that stays on the back burner a little longer.
I’d like to work on Emerson’s apartment, but I don’t think I’ll hit that until December rolls around.

November will be all about Nano. (I’m planning on writing the prequel to Emerson & Giselle’s story. I decided I’ll do it in my modified script form (like I generally use for photostories). Then it’s easy to shoot it after. Do you know I dream about my characters? And sometimes I find myself asking questions about them. 😉 like I’m having a convo. LOL.

Ok so what was my point again?
Oh yea! I’m getting ready to post stuff on etsy soon andf I’ll preview most of it here so that the few people who follow this blog will have first look at my goodies 😉

Be good to each other people.

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One thought on “Okay, it’s almost October. That means what?

  1. Good luck with the NDR projects. Definitely good to breathe.
    I dream about my characters too. :}
    Looking forward to seeing what you put up on Etsy!

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