Spring Song Poppy gets a Make Over

I worked on her last week and over the weekend and while she’s come out ok I’m not particularly satisfied with how she came out. I feel she shows how rusty my repainting skills have become, but with that in mind I am just going to have to do more of them to get back into practice.

So. This is what she looked like before I started:
Not really inspiring by way of Poppy…But I picked her head up relatively cheaply last year and added her to my pile of “someday” projects.
Fast forward and this is how she looks now:
3 (2)

1 (2)

2 (2)

After I repainted her I decided that maybe she would be more appealing on the NuFace 2.0 body–so I popped her head on it and ta-da! It fits and it seems to fit her personality.

I was going to try to trade her or sell her but now I am not so sure because I am liking the vibe she’s giving off. But then, if someone offered me one of the other dolls I want I would trade her off in a heartbeat!

Ok that’s it for today’s post!




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2 thoughts on “Spring Song Poppy gets a Make Over

  1. She shimmers. Just lovely. I would not be able to keep her out of luxe gowns but in reality she could work any type of fashion.

    1. Thanks Robin 🙂 I was just trying to make her have a little more life than her default paintjob was giving her. I really didn’t expect her to come out to be so full of verve! 🙂

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