Meet Emerson Appleton: a Nightscape Giselle

emerson 6

Lovely, isn’t she?

Emerson Appleton
I feel very lucky to have her in my collection. She has (in my opinion) a completely different vibe than Giselle (customized Old is New Giselle). She seems softer and dreamier to me.

So what do I know about Emerson?
Let’s see….

Emerson Appleton is in her early 20’s. Her personality is moody and creative with highs and lows. Her fashion sense is “I’m gonna wear what I want and anyone who doesn’t like it can sit and spin!” (This is tempered at times by her Aunts’ strongly worded recommendations 😉


Emerson (or Em as she is often nicknamed by friends and family) is single and looking but she’s had her fair share (and more) of jerks and wonders why she bothers looking. She is looking for someone who’ll love her no matter where she ends up in life, and she wants someone who is sensitive and willing to understand her artistic nature…Really, she isn’t very good at the whole dating thing and usually ends up waiting by the phone for the text/im/call that never comes for a second date.

Emerson Appleton

She has a small family consisting of her two aunts: Arabella Appleton and Agnes Appleton-Weld, and an Uncle: Theo Appleton & his wife and their children (her cousins). Emerson’s parents are deceased and losing them as well as her sister has left a mark on her psyche. She dislikes her Uncle Theo’s wife, but tolerates her at holidays when necessary.

Sometimes Emerson is looking for a place to hide away from the world.


She is struggling as an artist and although she has had her work shown in a number of galleries and juried art shows she isn’t “there” yet and wonders if she will ever be truly successful in the way that Warhol or Pollock were. Emerson is a trust fund-baby and as such doesn’t have to worry much about where her rent money is coming from as long as she stays in line with the budget her Aunt Agnes (known as Aunt Ness) made for her.

Quick facts:
Emerson’s favorite colors: black,  blue, dark purple and crimson/mulberry colors.
Favorite clothing: Emerson likes to wear everything from raggy T & Jeans to formal wear.
Emerson’s background: Born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. To: Joseph and Sarah (nee Black) Appleton. She had a twin sister who went missing as an infant. Emerson completed a BA in fine arts at Yale and decided that getting an MFA would be a waste of her time when all she wants to do is make art. She spent a year after graduation traveling and then moved to Seattle for two years before she settled in NY, NY. where she has connections with some galleries and restaurants to hang and show her work.

She goes out evenings to see bands play, and spends a lot of time in the libraries and museums around town.

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7 thoughts on “Meet Emerson Appleton: a Nightscape Giselle

  1. Dynamic photo set. I like her, a lot. Reading the sister part got me choked up. I like her outfit, too, especially the sweater and bracelets.

    1. Thank you K, I have really grown to appreciate her more the longer I have her. She photographs wonderfully (natural light catches her best). Emerson’s story and background developed very organically and I hope that in time as I write and shoot photos that her story will become clearer and more interesting to everyone. 🙂

  2. She is absolutely one if my favorites. You really bring out the best of her. The photos truly express the personality you describe in her bio. It is so good to see your photos again.

    1. 🙂 Dawn, thank you. I hope you are taking it easy in your moves and in the hobby too. I am learning to take it a little bit at a time–like you I won’t ever see it all done before I drop dead but I am going to try to get what I can done before then…

      The photos came out so much better than I expected considering it has been so long since I took any. 🙂 And I still have stuff to send you–email me the address when you get a chance 😉 Just a couple of small things.

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