Modifying Fashion Royalty with Magnets?

Modifying Fashion Royalty with Magnets? Really?

Yes! 😀

Ok, so unlike a lot of people out there, I never bought one of IT’s dolls that came with the “quick switch” body. Initially it sounded like a good idea but apparently it wasn’t executed the best and I guess a bunch of folks ended up with bobble headed dolls. That was a shame IMO since that could have had some great applications. Oh well.

I mentioned to my friend Will that I’d collect more dolls if I had the option to swap their heads out–meaning that instead of buying multiples of the same doll (to have one character who could have dark hair, one with blonde, different hair styles etc.) I could get the heads only and allow each doll to have one or two main bodies and as many heads as that character would need.

Will mentioned that he did something like that for his action figure girl, Gillian. He has something like 10 different heads for her and each looks different for different roles (she’s an actress).

I asked him if he thought it would work for the Fashion Royalty girls and he said it should. So I gave it a go. It was a bit of trial and error but it worked.

And the verdict is I love it!
It is exactly what I wanted and will allow my characters to have different looks while using only one body! 😀

If anyone is interested I can post a tutorial about it this weekend…

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9 thoughts on “Modifying Fashion Royalty with Magnets?

  1. Me three! I’d love to see it too. Glad you’re back, your the first blog I followed when I got into FR dolls a couple of years ago. It inspired me to go for it and redo most of their hairstyles.

    1. Aww, thanks Jane! I’m glad to hear that my blog was helpful 🙂
      I’m pretty surprised that so many of you folks are interested! It’s a great thing 🙂

  2. Everyone, I really appreciate your comments and taking the time to post them here. I’m so surprised that anyone besides me was interested in this mod! Thanks!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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