Does Aristocratic Agnes need a Tweak or Two?

Agnes is a gorgeous doll. I feel very lucky to have her. I asked myself, “How can you see this and not want to have her in your collection?” So she was a no-brainer. It was difficult to scrape up the $$ for her but I managed it (selling parts of my collection) and I am glad I did!
This is her default appearance:(photos property of Integrity Toys)


She’s lovely, right? Yes.
I love her color combinations (I’m not usually a huge fan of blonde dolls) but this one works for me. And for the personality I think she will have in my photostories. That said, IMO she needs a little tweaking. Look at her eyes:


She is suffering from Upward Eyes Syndrome — that thing that makes the doll look like she is either rolling her eyes or getting ready to pass out. It is a personal pet peeve of mine and it is something I compulsively fix on my dolls.

So her eyes need tweaking. Check.
What about her lip color? Her eyelashes/eyeliner?
I’m not sure about those yet. The lips are a much starker, brighter red than in the promo pics. It’s not a horrible red…just not my particular favorite. Part of me would like to do her lips in a soft rose/nude because I think it would look great with her coloring and also lend itself to being more casual. I’m not sure though…

Anyway, just wanted to share.

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6 thoughts on “Does Aristocratic Agnes need a Tweak or Two?

  1. Ok so I grabbed the pic and edited her in photoshop to see what she looks like with nude lips and dropped eyes. I think this is one of the few times where I’d say leave her completely alone. I think she’s gorgeous as is! ??? The upward eye thing is no where near as offensive as usual and I think it’s what’s giving her the heavy lidded smexy look without being too “IDGF about anyone” like the majority of the fashion royalties out there. The neutral lip color… she loses a majority of the sauciness if you tone it down. That with the dropped eyes makes her look bland and bored. 🙁 I think it’s a big mistake.

    Lovely lovely lady, leave her as is!

  2. I love her beauty spot and hair-do! I can’t imagine how she will look after some tweaking, looking forward to see what you will do with her make-up!

  3. My thought on tweak would be just to change the lip colour to a medium plum. With such pale skin and hair, she needs some colour. Or, with the soft rose, some gloss would look good.
    Congrats on getting her!

  4. So glad to have found your blog again- I lost my bookmarks a while ago and you wouldn’t believe what comes up when you enter the search terms corset and kitten 😉 .
    I think giving her a more direct gaze might make her look angry instead of haughty but her lipstick definitely could go either more natural or deeper. This color isn’t doing anything for her.
    Be that as it may, she’s a gorgeous doll. Congratulations on getting her.

  5. LOL @Upward Eyes Syndrome

    Congrats on getting her; she is a lovely doll Without seeing her actual lip color, I hesitate to advise alterations. Would you be able to match the IT lip color?

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