NDR: NaNoWriMo is coming….and a Kitty too?

Ok, totally not doll related but NaNoWriMo is starting on November 1st!! This is a good thing and a bad thing–since I am committing fully to doing it this year and even have a writing partner (yay Syd!) to bounce things off of and to also cheer on in her novel writing efforts 😀

What does me doing NaNoWriMo mean for my 1:6 stuff?
Not that much, really. I should still be able to work on the projects I have on the horizon and still meet my 2K a day word commitment.

Also, I mentioned this on Figurvore, but I am going to be going to meet a new kitten today, named –appropriately (or not)- Max.


If the meeting goes well he’ll be coming home with me this afternoon to join in the fun that goes on here!
No, really, there IS fun to be had! And no…it doesn’t include chewing the hands off my dolls! 😛

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4 thoughts on “NDR: NaNoWriMo is coming….and a Kitty too?

  1. Max looks gorgeous! Hope your meeting went well.

    Congratulations on starting NaNoWriMo and best wishes for fun and success with it.

  2. Thank everyone! Max has been here since Saturday now, and is sort of settling in. He’s still quite skitttish/ shy but when he wants love he’s all purrs!

    I’m just trying to find some food he wants to eat now…. :S

    And I’m hopeful about NaNoWriMo too! 😀

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