Poppy Parker Spicy in Spain….

I’m not sure how I feel about Poppy’s face-mold…

I should probably explain that I originally bought her for her body and planned on selling her head (I’ll explain all that in another post). But I decided that rather than a painful decapitation Poppy would get a stay of execution and I’d try to see if she grew on me (hey it happens with the most unlikely dolls sometimes!) 😛

She’s different from all the other face molds I have.


I’m guessing that that is a good thing-except I’m not in love with her face.

Now, like I said in a previous post–I’m trying to expand my horizons and be more open minded when it comes to the dolls that I am adding to my collection.

Surely, Poppy can’t be all bad, right? (I have noticed that there is a kind of love-her or hate-her thing going on with some collectors of Fashion Royalty with regard to Poppy). For me, I think it will ultimately come down to if I am able to envision her as a character in one of my photostories.

So here are some pics of her I shot today.


I can tell you that later this week/end I’ll be wiping her lipstick off and applying a color that I actually like. I’m not sure if I want to go with a more neutral/ natural look or if I want to go for a blue-based red. Or even plum.


The nice thing about her face is that the eyeshadow she’s been given is fairly neutral and low-key. (although there is a flaw in it that bugs me–small lump 🙁 I may end up wiping her eyeshadow after all) That in and of itself makes me want to try to use her in Wrenwood, but—I’m thinking that I want her as someone one on the scene (the set) but not necessarily an actress.


There are plenty of other roles she could play, and maybe–if she gets along with Giselle at least–she could be a friend. Maybe. Or an enemy. Hmmm?




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4 thoughts on “Poppy Parker Spicy in Spain….

  1. Poppy is so pretty. I love how elegant she looks. I am curious how she looks with new lips. I wonder how she will get along with Giselle. I feel those two will see each other as the BFFs they love to hate. 😉

  2. I’m curious too Michelle! I haven’t yet gotten around to re-doing her lips but it’s just a matter of time. Probably this week if I can get in the right headspace for it. And I had her sitting on my computer next to Giselle and I think they’re indeed friends/maybe occasional frenemies too…. 😉

  3. She looks like someone used to bossing people around, so maybe some kind of minder for the actors? I have no idea what kind of jobs you’d find on a film set, but I’m thinking keeping track of the scenes, when and where an actor has to appear, making sure they actually get there. Dealing with tantrums, mminor wardrobe and make-up disasters and shouting often for coffee. 😀

    I love my
    Summer Magic Poppy , mainly because I like how she photographs – always a spot of colour, even on a drab day. But I can’t see her in any kind of connection with another doll or figure in my collection, except maybe for Pauli. And I never found another Poppy that appealed to me. I considered Darla at one point, but never got excited enough. And Chip just left me cold. So not quite love her or hate her, but definitely one is enough. 😉

    1. Thanks Ursula for taking the time to comment! 😀

      I got that same kind of impression from her–I’m thinking of making her the costume designer/ wardrobe mistress for the costume drama (Wrenwood Hall) that Giselle & co work on. Since it’s a lower-budget production I’m thinking she might well be involved with a bit of chivvying actors about too!)

      I didn’t think much of the Chip sculpt myself, and Darla….well. If I ever get one she will be a complete make over to see what there is to be done with her. As a default I have yet to see a Darla I like the look of out of the box.

      No, I don’t see an influx of Poppy(poppies?) coming to my collection any time soon…..although their bodies….Mwhahaha yes. Yes, there will be bodies…… 😉

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