Viv & Gillian : a mini photostory! I love 1:6 photostories…don’t you?

You know it’s pretty rare when I get to meet up with other folks with a strong interest in 1:6 scale. But last weekend we were lucky here at the house to have a good friend come by. Will came over and I swore that before he left he had to do a photostory! (Me, a little evil? Naaaaah. Just determined!) We talked a bit and decided that we needed to do something with Viv & Gillian…since we had decided down the line that the two should be related.  He and I shot some photos and then spent a good chunk of time collaborating (and jumping back and forth in the “control” seat LOL) All my best to him for being a good sport! 😀

Among many other things that have gotten discombobulated during the move, I’m currently without the software for my website. So although its not the best option I am going to post the photostory here in its entirety. Hopefully at a later date I can move it onto the QU site proper. I’m going to try to hide them after a cut so that it doesn’t bog down loading of the page too much. Folks, please let me know if there are any issues! Sorry! I couldn’t get it to work! 🙁
**If some of the photos seem smallish/harder to read—try clicking the white X in the box on them…Sometimes it makes them bigger!**

Hope ya’ll enjoyed! 🙂




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10 thoughts on “Viv & Gillian : a mini photostory! I love 1:6 photostories…don’t you?

    1. MWhahahaha! You’re only about 4 hours away from here… 😉 You can expect us to all gang up and visit at some point!

  1. What a great day for you, Will and the girls. It was fun to watch Viv and Gillian chatting. The cousins lead interesting lives and are clearly fond of eah other so they had a lot to share. Hope you and Will manage to bring them together again.

  2. Thanks Syd, Deb, Ro 🙂

    I really have to say that I enjoyed the weekend hanging out with Erica and getting to do this (hopefully the first of many) photostories 🙂

    I’m glad Erica wouldn’t let me leave until we did a story, else I’d have missed out on a great collaboration 🙂

  3. Oh neat story! Glad you two colloborated. Nice to see Viv and Gillian together in one story.

    I got sidetracked oogling the pastries, but the outfits look nice, too. I especially like Gillian’s pants and shoes.

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