Takara CG AJ custom *pics*

Because I have a habit of posting things on Flickr and then forgetting to blog about them (and vice versa) I felt I’d better catch up and post a few pics of the AJ custom I did.

I did her back at the beginning of the year around January or February but it took a long while to actually bother with taking any photos. I actually re-rooted her head back in 2007 or 2008 while on a vacation in Yorkshire… and it shows. I’ve gotten better at it since then.

Historically, AJ is one of my least favorite CG sculpts since she always looked a bit long in the face and rather bland. I think it was because of that (and my feeling I wouldn’t get anything better on that sculpt) that made me leave it in the head box for so long.

So here she is: (I know I need to snap more and clearer photos–but cut me a break since we’re packing for the move, huh?)

Anyway, I’m looking forward (if I can get the time) to shooting a few outdoor pics with her. And maybe after the move working on a variant custom of her. We’ll see since finding a new place to live will be the real priority. After that–then I can dive back into customs!

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