1:6 quilting….leads to 1:1 quilting!

Ok, so I’m pretty stressed these days. Lots of hoops to jump through with planning the international move, visa applications, general health and of course trying to sort through all my stuff and getting everything all in a row!

In my clearing out stuff I realized that while I don’t have much in the way of 100% cotton Fat Quarters or yardage, I did have an entire box (like a copy paper box) filled with strips that I had bought over the last couple of years with the intention of making 1:6 quilts…mostly ticker tape quilts since those were the only ones I knew how to make. Of course, I ended up making a patchwork quilt too….and then for X-mas for my friend Carmen I made a 1:6 string quilt. I hadn’t blogged any pics of it at the time (wanting her to have gotten it and it being a surprise and all that…).

So here are a few photos: (this was my first time making a string quilt) I’m still learning (and fumbling with making bindings and stuff but I’m getting a bit better with every quilt I make.

here’s a detail: It is hand quilted but you can’t really tell in the photos.

At the moment I just can’t seem to work on anything 1:6 related. I’m too stressed out and on edge. But…I don’t want to just give away (or try to sell) my scrap pieces. So what am I supposed to do? (I don’t want to use valuable suitcase space for it either!) I decided that I’d take all the scraps I’ve got and see if I can cobble them together into a 1:1 scale lap quilt (more or less in size anyway). That way I can just do it without thinking so much, I can get away from my desk and all the paperwork and phone calls I have to keep juggling (now that the internet is working again), and hell, actually make my first human scale quilt.

It probably sounds a bit insane (especially after I spent all of last night ironing the scraps LOL). But I’ll share as I go along (although I’m sure it’s not going to turn out as nicely as the miniature version—since I’m using random slices and remnants of fabric!)

Ok, that’s it for now (and Saturday AM I will update with the furniture and stuff for sale. I forgot I need to take a photo of the Kenmore Kitchen set for it).



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