Am I a 1:6 Elitist?

A friend of mine and I were having a conversation the other day about levels of effort, and attention to detail in 1:6 scale. Discussing our experiences and views about various forums, boards and gathering places of 1:6 goodness on the web.

Said friend told me that I (we, since friend is too!) an Elitist. When it comes to the hobby anyway. That we want to see better quality work being done, that we want to see people putting more effort into things than propping your doll up against a cereal box.

But I made the argument that we’re not elitists.

What we are is perfectionists! ๐Ÿ™‚

I say this because while I know I don’t do anywhere near the best that can be done, I do keep trying to improve myself and my skill levels. I’m embarrassed by some of the photos or things that I put out there but I continually keep trying to do a better job. I guess that’s where the perfectionist comes in though–since I expect other people to keep striving to improve their skills and I guess…well, they just don’t want to.

The important thing for them (and me too!) is just that we’re all enjoying the hobby–whichever part of it we’re into, and however we go around it. Yes, it does frustrate me to some extent (ok, a LOT) but life is full of things like that and although I do my best I can’t really see myself as being the sort to inspire other people to think about or change the way they do their hobbycraft.

Things I know I need to work on include my construction skills, my photography (which pretty much sucks) and developing more patience to allow me to do more of the first two items! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course, you could actually argue the fact that I am a 1:6 elitist since I am only interested in dolls and action figures that are in 1:6 scale. Anything else is “nice” or “interesting” but not enough to make me bother switching or juggling scales.

Anyway, just food for thought.

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7 thoughts on “Am I a 1:6 Elitist?

  1. I’m going to have to go with perfectionist XD

    Until, yes, you mention the fact that you’re only interested in 1/6th scale… then you get to be an elitist, hehehehe.

    I collect Volks dolls (when it comes to 1/3 scale), have for years, and have been pegged with the term “Volks Elitist” because I tend to prefer them to other brands of dolls. It’s not that I don’t think other dolls are really cool, I just don’t care to own them… so it’s fine if people want to call me that, even if they’re doing it trying to be mean. LOL.

    I think wanting a certain level of quality from what you read is totally acceptable.
    I start to get mad at myself when I get lazy and “phone it in”, aka, take photos for my blog from my phone, instead of using my camera and taking the good shots.

    What often annoys me is that *I* can do better and I know it.
    Any bad photography I post is just pure laziness on my part.

    Now… bad storytelling… well… that’s another story altogether, LOL.

    When it comes to creating 1/6th stuff though, when I’m reading a blog, I always try to take into account how long the person has been in the 1/6 world. Me, I *JUST* got into it, so I would hope people weren’t judging my efforts too harshly, since I’m a beginner… but if someone who’d been doing it for 30 years was yielding results that looked like mine… well… maybe then I might question if they’re in the right hobby or not, LOL!!!

  2. I do tend to skim over or dismiss people who take fuzzy pictures. The background doesn’t matter so much to me as whether or not I am make out the details of the doll. This is really bad considering my photos certainly aren’t photographer-grade myself!!

    I try to temper it with the fact that I’m just glad that people are enjoying the hobby and not being ashamed of it. I spent a lot of my pre-teen/teenage years being ashamed of dolls so I’m really happy for anyone who is getting out there with it.

    As for being a scale elitist, I enjoy all scales but these days I will only spend my money on 1/6th stuff!

    I don’t think having your own tastes, pet peeves, or what have you is necessarily a bad thing. I think it’s simply impossible to be completely supportive 100% of the time for 100% of the doll community!!

  3. “Of course, you could actually argue the fact that I am a 1:6 elitist since I am only interested in dolls and action figures that are in 1:6 scale. Anything else is โ€œniceโ€ or โ€œinterestingโ€ but not enough to make me bother switching or juggling scales.”

    If it’s “nice” or “interesting”, if you can understand that others might have different preferences and are not lesser than you for that, if you can appreciate works done in other scales, then you are not an elitist.
    Having firm preferences, knowing what you like and sticking to that is not elitist. Elitist is one who thinks something is better than everything else, objectively, not subjectively. Elitism is not about preferences or wish to improve on one’s chosen field. Elitism akin to racism, supremacism and chauvinism.

  4. …but you DO inspire others to improve and/or change their work. Just because you can’t or don’t inspire ALL the others doesn’t mean the example you set/strive for isn’t inspiring others to reach further, try harder or try new things in an effort to improve.

    Also keep in mind that some of us just aren’t very talented, so no amount of inspiration, or effort is going to help us, though we do keep plugging away. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. What the hell? I missed a bunch of posts! I’m not following you anymore somehow! Grrr!

    Anyway, I agree, you do inspire others. You really inspire me to improve and to pay more attention to detail. I have far to go but I still get on a high horse too. (“Doesn’t she know how blurry that picture is?”)

    But maybe we all have our strengths. Some are great story tellers, others great photographers. And some just like to buy dolls. I have to admire them for posting their stuff everywhere when I’m too embarrassed to put anything anywhere other than my blog.

      1. Are you kidding honey?! I know we’ve had some challenges with each other’s blogs but I’m always a big fan! PS: Come back to Carmen had some issues too so I’ve stripped it down to the bones. Lemme know if you still have issues viewing it.

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