Score!!! *pics* I got 1:6 STUFF!!! ;)

Against all expectations the toy fair was a pretty good experience! I managed to not only get the long coveted Honda CR 750 *and for a really really reasonable price* but I also managed to get some miniatures to use in dioramas as props. On top of that cool-ness I managed to score 3 action figures— a Connor McCloud from Highlander *just want his clothes–mark has his head & body now*, a Dr.Who Martha Jones (for 5 bucks how can you go wrong?) and lastly, a figure Called vampyre, but who I believe is a take off (or un-lic’d version of Nosferatu… or at least to my old memory it seems that way)

Cool thing is that Nosferatu comes w/ his very own rats!!!! 😀 I’m thinking of seeing if I can make one of them have a jointed neck for use in the photostories.

I also managed to pick up a pair of jackboots, and a pair of “bike” boots for Cass to use while riding the honda. As of yet, no helmet, so she’s either breakin the law….or hangin out in one of the no-helmet states…

ok pics!

cass& the honda CR750

honda CR 750 motorcycle







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6 thoughts on “Score!!! *pics* I got 1:6 STUFF!!! ;)

  1. Congrats on your finds! It is great to go to a fair and in the end come away with usable stuff. 😉

    The glas wares and vases look good, are they meant for 1:12? The little pillar looks just cute.

    I love the rats. They are a bit big (did I ever tell you i kept pet rats?), compared to the figure’s hands probably more the size of a small rabbit, but the different poses make for great props. If you ever tire of them, think of me. Pleeease? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the interest folks! 😉
    About the bike: it is a Honda CR750 by Minichamps. The detailing on it is waaay crazy and that makes it well worth the money. (heres to the hope in the future that I’ll be brave enough to actually make the lights working)

    12Inch when I saw this bike last year at the same show it was going for 115£.
    Recently on feebay I’ve seen it between £95+£45 shipping and £199.00+£28 shipping… so comparatively, this was a great buy at £85. Even better when I only paid half that and had Mark pay the other 1/2 as my birthday present! (yay birthday!)

    Ursula heh yea the rats are a bit oversize but who can resist? I also had pet rats (although that was decades ago when I was still living in florida and much much younger than I am now…. I’ll let you know what I think of them when I get them deboxed. If I don’t think they’ll work for what I have in mind I’ll send them your way 😉

  3. Great finds. I saw the bike recently in shop in my town. £85 is a very good rate for it. Here it was €165, that makes around £130.
    I have this Nosferatu rats too. I really like them and I used them in several set ups.

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