Surprise! A Friday Monologue for You!!!

Since I’m feeling pretty down about the holiday I thought I’d take my mind off of it by subjecting y’all to another Friday Monologue! It’s been a while since I put one up so now seems like a good time to help get me off the bus to holiday blues land!

(as usual click the image for the story)

I don’t promise that it’s good, I don’t promise that it’s entertaining….only that it is what it is!  Enjoy (I hope!) 😉

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11 thoughts on “Surprise! A Friday Monologue for You!!!

  1. Well, I liked it!! I’m not really a fan of the holidays but probably for different reasons than you… I get stressed trying to make everyone happy and trying to be several places at once. So thanks for sharing your talents at story-telling. It cheered me right up!

    1. Well, whatever the reason is for your x-mas stress I’m glad I could cheer you up & make you smile a bit! (Isn’t it great how short photostories can manage to do that??) 😀

  2. LMAO “Don’t forget to email me a copy of the article.” That’s perfect.

    Yay! Friday monologue! Thanks for the early Christmas present! I love how this one started in the middle of some juicy action.

    Shay is such a bitch. She makes me glad I don’t have an older sister. Oh wait.. I mean… never mind. 😉 Eh. She just needs to loosen up a little! Is it possible I detect just a drop or two of vitamin E in her? lol

    Sorry the holidays are being so sucky to you. I got some pretty rad Le Creuset in the mail today that might cheer you up a little… in a couple of weeks, lol.

    Hugs! I’m email you later!

    1. Hehe yea, I guess it is like an early xmas present! 😀

      Well, remember everyone can be a bitch (or a bastard) depending on the point of view 😉 Heh heh heh… I’m pretty sure Shay doesn’t think she’s a bitch LOL! But I agree–she really does need to lighten up a bitch uh, bit!
      Of course allllllllll of my characters have a dash of vitamin E in them they wouldn’t be mine otherwise!

      The holidays will be a billion times better once we’ve moved home and I can actually see family & friends again(and for the 1st time too!). And of course, snow! And woot! the le creuset! Woo! Email me when you get a chance! 😀

    1. 😀 Thank you Vickey! I’m glad you got to read it (and enjoyed it too!)
      Yea, I think Shay is rather full of herself but that’s just who she is…(well until something happens to change things anyway). I can’t promise that the Friday Monologues are back for good (I’m still struggling with my lighting situation) but I’ll hopefully be able to get more out in the new year.

  3. Yay, Friday Monologues! Good to see them back. I know what you mean by this stressful holiday. Thank goodness for dolls.

  4. Well I thoroughly enjoyed it. Poor little sister. I do have a question? Why didn’t Shay just leave her with the family in Rochester where she was apparently happier. If I had her for a daughter, I wiould probably get lost in the mountains too. Her parents are probably living it up somewhere. LOL!

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