A simple mod to improve Fashion Royalty Doll articulation

You know it occurred to me today that just because I know this stuff doesn’t mean that a lot of other collectors do.

Those of you who collect & use Fashion Royalty dolls will know that although they have some articulation they aren’t that great (I’m not including the new FR2 line since they’re not exactly thick on the ground at the moment). But—we all like them for one reason or another. And that means that we need to learn to work with the limitations of the bodies, right?

Err… yes and no.

If we do a very simple mod (with some patience) you can have a slight improvement in the posability & general usefulness of the doll.

One of my big gripes with them is the fact that when you sit them down (on a chair, couch, sofa, counter–whatever) they always have a backwards slant.

See Jordan in the pic below displaying the “slant”.

As you can see the slant, right? (the blue line is to show you  roughly the plane her rump & shoulders are on when she sits upright before the modification.

It’s actually a pretty easy issue to fix — all you need is an exacto knife or a scalpel knife to do it, and some patience.

Here’s all you’ve got to do:

1) take the knife and slide it around the insides of the upper thigh joints (where they are connected to her body). What you are doing is very gently paring away some of the excess plastic to allow for a better range of motion. DO this SLOWLY and carefully. Knives are sharp & you can cut yourself pretty badly if you let the blade slip. So be careful. Also remember it’s easier to take more off but just about impossible to put it back.

2) Check periodically as you remove the extra plastic. The best way to do this is to sit the doll up on a surface/ table edge and see if she can sit upright yet.

Jordan after her modification therapy:

Again, the blue line is to show you the shoulder/ rump plane. It’s not a massive improvement–but it’s something and it does help to avoid that “Slouching” on the couch look that so many of the FR girls are prone to! 😀

Anyway, like I said it’s a simple modification (and probably not news to anyone out there) but it does make a bit of a difference.

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4 thoughts on “A simple mod to improve Fashion Royalty Doll articulation

  1. Looks like a good fix 🙂

    It seems a lot of bodies, even the ones that aren’t meant to be fashion are in need of this sort of mod (I know I have a few TTLs in need of it).

    Good work 🙂 I’m still curious as to if the HT female hands will work on FR girls, if so, it would greatly increase their possibilities in my eyes.

  2. Woohoo! I’m totally doing this! That slouch annoys me so much, it just seems to add to the general dourness of FRs. Plus, I just don’t torture Erin enough, lol. Thanks for the tip! I think a lot of us don’t share our best ideas, because they seem so obvious to us!

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