Playscale props for free: Really!

Yep. I said Free! Now, before you all start thinking my blog’s been taken over by one of those crappy marketing bugs lemme ‘splain!

I’m a member and a general lurker of the Doll Divas board. I’ve hung out there a lot the last 5 years and although I don’t post a lot I generally take part in the contests & games that they schedule a few times a year. I like winning treats & prizes –who doesn’t?

On Saturday the 30th of October the Doll Divas board is having what they call a Monster Mash.

You don’t have to be a regular board member to join in (although i guess it would be nice if you were or well, at least visit it occasionally! Like my blog! LOL)

This year I’ve donated some goodies from my Etsy Shop  to add to the fun.  Couple of books, some pillows–the little things that do help dioramas & roomsets feel a little more complete. 🙂

Here are the previews (LOL)

I thought it would be good to give back and spread some of the prop-love. And yea, if you win something (or even if you don’t!) feel free to check out my etsy shop…

Hope to see you there having fun! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Playscale props for free: Really!

  1. Woohoo! Saturday’s gonna be fun! 😀 Maybe I’ll actually win something this time, lol. These are awesome prizes. I’m drooling over those B&W pillows.

    1. Thanks C!
      I hope people will like & appreciate them. They might not seem like much but there’s so much effort that goes into making 😉 them!

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