Friday Monologue #3

Welcome to Friday Monologue #3 !!

Thanks for being patient with me re: the delay!

Here’s FM#3 featuring Balthazar…he had more to say but I ran out of time! :pinch:
Please take a moment to answer the poll question in the side column, will you? It’s anonymous!! (there is more information below about the potential interviewees)  :biggrin:

Please if you do actually read it — comment in this post. I’d appreciate it. 😎

*As promised above–here’s a bit more info about the potential interviewees*

Seth Melbourne

Vivienne Marcelle

Jillian Carmichael

Morgan Renfield

Tara Lynhurst

Thanks for taking the time to check them out and vote!! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Friday Monologue #3

  1. Balthazar likes to run his mouth doesn’t he? LOL Definitely not shy to talk about himself. He seems interesting though.

    I voted for Jillian! I just read she has the same birthday as me. Yay Sagicorn cusps! :wub:

  2. Very nice 🙂 I was waiting to see what you would come up with for a back story for him. Great choice for the jack of all trades, having tried several things in his life before settling on the one thing he loves.

    Keep with them 🙂

  3. Oooh, Balthazar! Sexy, smart, and some killer dance moves :biggrin: I’d take any course he was teaching! He has a great personality for a mystery writer– all dark and brooding, yet excitable and curious at the same time, if that makes any sense, :silly: . I can’t wait to see more of him. And yay! I saw your new cat 🙂

    I voted for Seth too! He likes shopping, coffee, and the color pink, just like me! Plus, there’s no picture, which makes him all mysterious 😉 We’re all very good at being anonymous, aren’t we, lol!

  4. He has poseable hands! Oh my! I like him, he’s so mysterious… doesn’t really tell you anything, but gives me goosebumps… I get the feeling he’s lived a lot more life than he’s revealing. Writing is a good escape… I wonder if he’s hiding or running from someone… but then he wouldn’t stay in one place or use his real name, if that is his name. Perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree… he intrigues me. He’s a hunk too.

  5. Wow! Balthazar’s ended up being much more popular than I expected! 😀
    I’m really glad that folks are liking him (or at least how he comes across) and I’m glad to say he’ll be a recurring character in the chronicles.

    I think it’s best to consider him like an onion–you have to peel his layers away a little at a time!

  6. It just gets better.

    Black is interesting, he could be anything really ….. even a crim’ or a spy. Probably just a writer though 🙂

    Fabulous figure though, really striking features.

  7. I can’t anywhere to post for story 4, so I’ll put it here – sorry if I’m being a dumbo :$

    Anyway I counted 6 pix that were to big for my screen 15″. That said it didn’t detract from the story too much – Well not for me anyway.

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