Friday Monologue #2

Welcome to Friday Monologue #2 !!
(I owe everyone lots of emails & return comments–I promise I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow am!–I’m only 15 minutes from missing my Friday deadline!) Please take a moment to answer the poll question in the side column, will you? It’ll decide who get’s interviewed next Friday!! :biggrin:

Here’s FM#2 featuring Shayna.

Please if you do actually read it — comment in this post. I’d appreciate it. 😎

*PS: the ending is abrupt again. I need to work on endings….*

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14 thoughts on “Friday Monologue #2

  1. Lol, poor Shayna! I’m glad she shared her humiliating secret with us, though :blush: That’s a rough one. (I think I’d just stick with the artistic rebellion story, myself.) Sigh. I hate seeing people doing things with their life because that’s what’s expected of them. I hope she’s able to overcome that one day, and be true to herself. I love her painting :heart: !

    I’m really enjoying these monologues! The poll was tough, but I did vote!

  2. It’s interesting as always. Although I did find it weird that she would tell us about her insecurities but wouldn’t ramble out loud about how her parents would kill her for wanting to do art? I like Shayna. I have an affinity for her character type. 😀

  3. I like Shayna. I feel bad for her that she can’t go after her dream though. But I feel its just her parents watching out for her. I’m loving these monologues. I love getting to know your characters like this. I voted in the poll, and I can’t wait to see who’s up for next Friday. 🙂

  4. Good work again 🙂

    I too agree that it is sad to see someone have to stick to their parent’s wishes than to their actual dream. I had a good friend in High School who was stuck like that, he wanted to make horror movies, but his parents forced him into some high end engineering program because he had one of the highest SAT scores in the country at the time or something. His parents hated me because they thought I was a bad influence trying to tell him to follow his dreams… ah well…

    Anyway, I love the reasoning for her hair, thats a great back story 🙂

  5. Thanks folks! I’m glad you’re all finding the stories interesting / amusing/ entertaining. 😉 Means I must be doing something right (even if it is mostly via autopilot) I’m also glad that the backstory for the hair color works (I know most people probably don’t think twice about wild hair colors!)

    NatI’ve met people who do that–they’re happy to give mucho premature exposure about themselves but when it comes to telling anything about their families they’re very quiet or only minimally forthcoming. I didn’t plan it that what but Shayna’s one of those types.

    C yea, Shayna’s going along with her folks plans. I’m not sure if it’s becasue she doesn’t want to disappoint them, or if it is a case of she doesn’t want to have a confrontation….

    Chelle thanks 🙂 And I’m sure Shayna’s parents think they have her best interests at heart (maybe not the ones she wishes they had).

    Will I think that’s something that kids have to deal with–some more than others. It’s easy to give the advice to someone to break away from their parent’s wishes–but it isn’t always easy to do it. So who knows?

    MW LOL yea, I guess so. But there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? :biggrin: I’m currently using Comic Life by plasq. It’s not all I could hope for, but it’s something to use for the time being.)

  6. Love the first two monologues and very much look forward to reading many more! Shayna has the most beautiful hair colour I love the different shades. Thom is very handsome I’m not surprised he has such a hectic social life!

  7. I think the monologue idea is very clever and well done. Loved the insecurities, and the directness (is that a word) good photography…I think too much time was spent on which classes she had to take, etc instread of what she loved doing, or her fears and emotions.
    Nice job.

  8. Again this monologue is believable and real, like sounds like it is coming from a real person. And no, your endings are no abrupt.

  9. Suwi Thank you for taking the time to comment! I too love Shayna’s hair color. I’m glad you’re enjoying the monologues 🙂
    MaryThanks! Directness is indeed a word. :happy: and I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree about how much time was spent on what.
    Barbara Thank you and I’m glad that you feel it has some touches of reality in it (and with Thoms too) :cheerful:

  10. First, sorry I commented on Thoms page and not here, :blush: but you can read that and see how fab I thought it was. :kissing:

    Shayna, I hear her heart. Me too, girl, not the breasts, but art. Anyway, trust me you can follow your dream if not now, later. I did!

    You are brill at this. They are believable and revealing. I think I’m like that, spilling the beans, sort of thing, I mean. That’s why these characters appeal to me. I love everything about your stories and these help me get to know the characters so much better. It’s also great to be able to refer back to everyone when I need to. Love it! :wub:

  11. Wow – I can’t believe i missed this! Really enjoyed it – you posed her so expressively and she’s so pretty. I also love the colourings you gave her. Her personality is a really sympathetic one – I really feel for her and hope things work out for Shayna. ^___^

  12. Yes! These are great, I enjoyed this one more than Thom. I agree some people do blurt out some really personal stuff – Unexpectedly.

    I liked Sayna more than Thom, but either way it shows your tales draw empathy and so must be working.

    Where I live we have a daily, that has a thing called a one minute interview. To me this very much fits the bill.

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