Erin’s dark secret….(Fashion Royalty, hmm ?)

As I was saying yesterday, Erin, from the Model Behavior line has been keeping a pretty dirty secret!!!  (aside from the fact her eyebrows are crooked–the one goes down lower towards her eye than the other!)

PC Erin...what's her secret?

I snagged this girl for serious cheeeep money on feebay and figured that made her a prime candidate for experimentation. Yes, I do experiment on these dolls, and the MZ dolls. Why not? Yea they’re pricey, but if I can get a good deal AND make the doll more of what I want then where’s the harm?

Anyway…back to this discovery of mine!

 Ok, you know how those MB Fashion Royalty girls are heavy?

 Think about it……why do you think they are heavy? (I mean aside from counter-balancing their larger than normal heads?) We’ve been thinking all this time it’s due to them (maybe) being solid plastic, or resin or something…

Seriously, I did think that. I also figured that was part of the reason why they are fairly pricey–extra supplies=more $$££


As we were doing surgery on her yesterday (in my hope of better modification……we found…….

Get this……

 Erin's a Nut?

she’s got a NUT!

Erin's gone nuts!

Wacky, huh?

and we’re not talking a small one either! And it’s pretty heavy! Obviously sticking metal nuts inside the dolls is an easy way of adding the weight…but man, it sure does make the higher postage rates on them seem sort of silly! 😕

anyway…that’s my scoop!

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5 thoughts on “Erin’s dark secret….(Fashion Royalty, hmm ?)

  1. What the hell- that’s gotta be one of the weirdest surprises ever. I guess you can say she’s a nut, hohoho. The poor girl’s got no chest as well. o__o

  2. Yea, it’s a real pisser, ain’t it? 😉
    I never suspected…I really thought the weight was due to the doll being solid. Huh. I guess it is all about marketing and perceptions.

    Anyhow, her surgery is going to progress a bit further this weekend….I’ve started her re-paint this am. A bit worried as its my first FR doll to repaint and …well….

  3. thanks for all the information i don’t own a MB doll but I am glad someone figured it out. I think they make her eyebrow like that to give her attitude. But the nut in her belly totally unexpected or dreamed it had that. Thanks for your invertigating skills keep informing the masses


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