A Parting of Ways: a mini photostory! *meg*

This one was put together for Milk of Milkshake Melody! She’s going to be taking custody of Meg soon, and I thought a little “slice of life” would make it easier to write the character! 🙂

Hope y’all enjoy!

(not much on plot, but it’s what it is…)

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3 thoughts on “A Parting of Ways: a mini photostory! *meg*

  1. In reply to your twit – I really don’t think it’s a pointless story. And it’s not dopey either. Rather bittersweet.
    The day dream sequence was a really inventive plot point. I loved it.

  2. CK, a lovely story, but it does leave the reader wanting more. Like Amithi said, rather bittersweet. The teen years are difficult, and she is certainly experiencing her share if issues. Nicely done.

  3. Thanks 🙂
    I’m glad that you both found it enjoyable! While Meg isn’t one of my favorite characters she does have a certain something that makes her interesting to me…I’ll miss her, but I expect that she’ll get up to all sorts of things in Milk’s neck of the woods. 😉

    I’m especially glad that I captured her personality & issues that she has…Very glad indeed.

    And thank you Ursula about the dream sequence! 🙂 It’s more like she’s reading the book and imagining herself in the heroine’s place, but yes, its also dreamlike too. *on another note: this photostory was my first full use of my fixed length macro lens (took getting used to since I have been using a zoom lens up to now) as well as 1st use of some grey block paper I bought a year ago at a hobby shop in York*.

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